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a framework with hooks used for stretching and drying cloth

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The crews also made a return visit to Tenter Hill Farm yesterday after concerns from the public.
Alors que ces selections vont tenter de decrocher le ticket pour la CAN 2015, le Onze national sera au repos.
Uniaxially stretched sheet in the machine direction was cut to the size of 290 mm in length (machine direction) and 82 mm in width (TD) and was stretched in a TD by the table tenter (Iwamoto Seisaku-sho Co.
Aztec Machinery is located in Ivyland, PA, and is a producer of dryers and ovens for nonwovens, technical textiles and carpets, including thru air drum dryers and ovens, compression-type thermal bonding machines, tenter dryers and ovens and spray bond drying systems.
The Eurofighter Typhoon's EJ200 turbofan engine is in a strong position to win a contest to power a MkII version of India's Tejas light combat aircraft, believes Hartmut Tenter, managing director of the four-nation Eurojet consortium.
Les participants de cette spE[umlaut]ciale E[umlaut]mission ont E[umlaut]tE[umlaut] sE[umlaut]lectionnE[umlaut]s de 10 pays: AlgE[umlaut]rie, Liban, Inde, BE[umlaut]nin, Espagne, Canada, Russie, Gabon, Irlande et Cuba et vont s'affronter pour tenter de dE[umlaut]crocher une place pour la grande finale et peut-E[logical not]tre devenir le successeur d'IsraE1/2l, vainqueur en 2006.
Maybe it was the 'da dum, da dum' throbbing heartbeat music as the Geordie duo held the two potential millionaires on tenter hooks.
When such a galaxy collides with another galaxy, its retrograde rotation tends to push gas toward its tenter rather than pull it out as a tail or streamer.
At the private company facility, film processing is carried out in a continuous manner using a tenter stretching frame in an oven that stretches a plastic ribbon in two perpendicular directions: the process flow direction (machine direction) and the direction perpendicular to the process flow (transverse direction).
One person living in Station Street, just a stone's throw from the proposed nightclub, asked why the town needed a nightclub so close to people's homes and claimed elderly people in Station Street and Tenter Street were already scared to go out at night.
The gas infrared predryer predries dyed woven fabrics 52 to 65 inches wide before they enter the main tenter range.
Un conseil ministeriel consacre a la societe tunisienne des industries de pneumatiques sera tenu pour tenter de trouver des solutions aux problemes que connait la STIP, indique la meme source.
Val d'Aran : Ce trotteur qui n'arrive pas a trouver son equilibre comme le montrent ses derniers essais, misera cette fois sur son depart au premier echelon ou ils seront que deux pour tenter de redresser l'echine.
Plusieurs citoyens se sont presses autour de Mehdi Jom, qui etait entoure de sa garde rapprochee, pour tenter de converser avec lui.
Maxine O'Rourke, of Tenter Hill Lane in Brackenhall, was before Kirklees magistrates yesterday.