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How laypeople understand the tentativeness of medical research news in the media: An experimental study on the perception of information about deep brain stimulation.
The performance was among the better ones I've heard, though the opening movement was marked by some tentativeness.
There are ample opportunities for longer term investors to grab when markets dip, DFMGI's failure to close above 3,920 reflects the magnitude of unjustifiable tentativeness.
In revealing the emergent communication practices and the evolving media template, Macnamara weaves the change and continuity together and succeeds in retaining the tentativeness that is required to address the theme.
In the end, it is perhaps the very tentativeness of all the houses we build around and within ourselves that Sophie's story reveals most.
A concrete date (even if you have to move it a week either way) in the candidate's mind removes the tentativeness from the offer and provides a specific goal for both parties to work toward.
The NOS framework focused on following aspects; tentativeness of scientific knowledge, empirical basis, subjectivity, theories and laws, creativity, socio-cultural embeddedness, and observations and inference.
Suresh Raina, though, did not waste any time, and showed no tentativeness, smashing Marlon Samuels for a four to seal another easy victory.
Yet amid the overall impression of heterogeneity, one noticed--gradually and with a tentativeness that is beautiful, even poetic in itself--the undeniable family resemblances among the pictures.
2001) found support for the facets of openness to change and tentativeness, and later (i.
The last time Guptill faced England in an ODI he was also the hero - batting virtually on one leg in Hamilton - and he again looked free from the tentativeness that characterises his longer-form batting.
What may be causing some tentativeness on the part of landlords is the uncertainty surrounding the mayoral race in November.
But the 2008 champion Ashour shrugged off his tentativeness and paraded his wide range of exquisite strokes to counter Shorbagy's vigorous stroke-making and physical superiority to go 2-1 up, winning two games in a row.
Ultimately the boy leaves behind his toy sword together with the tentativeness and fears of his former self, and strides confidently from the forest.
As soon as Hassan and Milton kick into a punk-funk bounce, all tentativeness recedes.