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Synonyms for tentative

Synonyms for tentative

not perfected, elaborated, or completed

depending on or containing a condition or conditions

Synonyms for tentative

under terms not final or fully worked out or agreed upon

unsettled in mind or opinion


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It is our understanding the TWU is recommending the ratification of the tentative agreement and will provide details regarding its terms and the ratification process to its members in the coming days.
The tentative agreement will be sent to the elected leaders of the AFA Master Executive Council at Mesaba for approval.
5 million last year rise to a tentative AV of $147.
In general, the tentative is limited to specific items listed in Sec.
In early September, the Antelope Valley Union High School District was the first locally to end an impasse when teachers approved a tentative contract that gave them a 2 percent raise for the previous school year but none for this school year.
Challenges to the tentative roll can be filed by March 1st for Classes 2, 3 and 4 and through March 15 for Class 1 for review by the Tax Commission.
41(g) language change, it is difficult to determine whether Congress intended to supersede its earlier position that nonrefundable credits "generally" should not offset the tentative minimum tax liability; however, the law, on its face, appears to permit such an offset.
AMFA's negotiating team achieved some important gains over the terms of the December 2005 tentative agreement that was voted down by AMFA members after being imposed on them earlier by the airline.
We believe this tentative agreement achieves that goal," Gettelfinger and Bantom said.
In October, teachers in the Westside Union School District ended an impasse by approving a tentative contract that gave them a 1.
The tentative billable assessments for fiscal year 1995 were $76.
ALPA), the collective bargaining representative for FedEx Express pilots, jointly announced today that they reached a tentative agreement (TA) on a new labor contract on Saturday evening.
3, if the Woodland District 50 Board of Education has not ratified the tentative contract agreement by that date, says LCFT President Mike McGue.
QUARTZ HILL - Teachers in the Westside Union School District have approved a tentative contract, ending nearly five months of an impasse in contract negotiations with district administrators.
The Tax Commission reviews taxpayer challenges to tentative real estate assessments.