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something that acts like a tentacle in its ability to grasp and hold

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any of various elongated tactile or prehensile flexible organs that occur on the head or near the mouth in many animals

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Exhibits in Tentacles include video clips that reveal these animals' amazing color- and shape-changing abilities and other rarely seen behaviors.
The body of a Portuguese man-of-war is made up of a gas-filled sack, which floats on the surface, with stinging tentacles that float up to 50m below.
The three-year-old octopus stretched a confident tentacle towards an England flag - throwing his weight behind our boys in the final game of the first round of Euro 2012.
Army Research Laboratory's prototype Robotic Tentacle Manipulator is an array of three snake robots on a circular base.
Special attention was given to tentacle (trunk) robotic structure (Ivanescu, 1986).
anthracis (Anthrax) using Tentacle Probes[TM], which we recently showed increased specificity in SNP differentiation using a nonamplified fluorescence detection assay (7).
5 D), a groove appeared in the velum (stage 28), the propodium got formed (stage 29) with cilia growing on it (stage 30), and a cephalic tentacle developed on the velum (stage 31) (Fig.
And when they got the vehicle to the surface, they found two pieces of tentacle, each as thick as a man's arm, still attached to it.
If an octopus loses a tentacle, it can grow another one.
Other tentacle threats to holidaymakers this Bank Holiday include.
The boneless tentacles of the octopus function like so-called soft actuators: the muscles alternately supply force generation and mechanical support to move objects along the length of the tentacle.
Bioassay of these peptides includes their effect on regeneration, including tentacle formation, as determined by observation for the initiation of tentacle buds, and the differentiation of basal disks, as determined by specific peroxidase staining of basal disk tissue (n=8/trial).
Brian Watson, 51, even swallowed part of a 15ft tentacle after one of the fish clamped on to his face as he struggled to reconnect his air supply.
Once tagged, the fishes remain frozen in place and become a tentacle in the next round.
Fractogel(R) and Fractoprep(R) polymeric media based on Merck KGaA's proprietary tentacle technology are relied upon throughout the world to purify bio-molecules.