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flap consisting of a piece of canvas that can be drawn back to provide entrance to a tent

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After he unzipped the tent flap, he entered and set the table in the middle of the floor.
I peeked out of the tent flap and there was Tommy, stark naked with his clothes under his one arm, running like a maniac - pursued by a furious Guide mistress.
Brad announced as soon as I'd closed the tent flap.
A simple porch with an awning almost like a raised tent flap is the only sign of entrance and welcome.
95), Jordan not only shares the awesome beauty of that exotic continent through photos and anecdotes about giraffes in the dining room and lions at her tent flap, but shows readers how to create their own ``Out of Africa'' ambience.
Quickly I turned and stepped through the tent flap - shamed.
As I open my eyes and look out through the open tent flap, I see elk grazing in the moonlight.
Some critics also have argued that expanding council authority over police oversight could lead to further expansions of council authority - the classic "camel's nose under the tent flap.
Now you can have it delivered to your tent flap, along with a copy of your favourite daily paper.
Beach beauty is best appreciated from the front stoop, as anyone who has thrown open a tent flap to the drum of surf will attest.
Florent Kqiku has little in his tent: two wooden pallets, some blankets and two picture postcards - one of the president, the other of the first lady - hung on a tent flap with paper clips.
Kate helped make doughsticks over an open fire and giggled as little Zahid Shanvere, eight, held open a tent flap for h e r, saying: "After you.
It's quite cosy, actually,' says Andrea, her red-blonde hair swinging around her sunburnt, freckled face as she pulls back the tent flap.