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a generalization of the concept of a vector

any of several muscles that cause an attached structure to become tense or firm

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It is straightforward to eliminate the current multipliers and the tensorial internal variable Q.
mu]][psi] so that their transformation properties under [eta]-background coordinate changes are tensorial.
A tensorial approach to computational continuum mechanics using oh)ect-oriented techniques, Computers in Physics, Vol.
Misra, Tensorial transformations of double gai sequence spaces, International Journal of Computational and Mathematical Sciences, 3(2009), 186-188.
where "*" represents the tensorial product "[cross product]", we deduce by a direct calculation that
When Lintenstrauss and Pelczynski addressed his work at the rebirth of Banach space theory, they shed his Fundamental Inequality in the trappings of operator ideals by shedding the tensorial formulation.
Within minutes after application, this tensorial activity softens skin and makes it appear younger.
Original capitalisation and sources: ALETORNIS (CD), ATELORNIS (CD), LAIRSTONE (Web3), LARSONITE (an inhabitant of Larson, N Dakota, coinage), LATNEIROS (plural, Dunkling: English House Names, The Name Society), LORENTIAS (plural of plant genus, DFPF), ORIENTALS (Borgmann), ORLEANIST (Borgmann), RELATIONS (Borgmann), ROTALINES (F&W NSD), SEROTINAL (Borgmann), TAILERONS (OED), TENSORIAL (Borgmann), TERNIOLAS (plural of plant genus, DFPF), TIROLEANS (Borgmann), TORNELIAS (plural of plant genus, DFPF), TRIOLENAS (plural of plant genus, DFPF).
This can be easily generalized to the multivariate case through tensorial arguments.
Buckminster Fuller and characterized by a continuous tensorial network (tendons) supported by a discontinuous set of compressive elements (struts).
The fundamental mathematical theorem determines the variation of any scalar, vectorial and tensorial physical quantity, both as defined on the material particle, as well as on the surrounding spacetime.
The virtual species, -Lg(1 - X) = Lg[1/(1-X)], of "connected" linear orders, is a "cousin" of the tensorial species, Lie(X), of free Lie algebras (see A.
It is known from other examples, like electric permittivity, that tensorial quantities are required to describe the behaviour of anisotropic materials.
In this paper a tensorial model is proposed to quantify the machining geometric defects.
Depending on the nature of the problem, damage variables are characterized in terms of stresses, strains, and/or some other associated internal state variables [33], and are written as scalars, or second-, or fourth-order tensorial functions.