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a generalization of the concept of a vector

any of several muscles that cause an attached structure to become tense or firm

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For anisotropic materials, such as birefringent crystals, the scalar coefficients need to be changed to tensorial coefficients.
Its tensorial equations in third degree interfaces.
CHSH] activation region for these qubits (which could also be called tensorial activation of hidden nonlocality), here depicted by the cyan region (activation T&LF) that is not covered by the magenta region (HN) in Figure 7(a).
Regarding the numerical resolution of saturated porous media equations, it is worth mentioning the tensorial form of the finite element discretization of the Generalized Biot field equations [5] presented by Zienkiewicz and coworkers [7].
Since, as we recalled, the rewriting of (55) as an exact local conservation equation having form (18) is neither tensorial nor unique, we consider that (55) does not provide an exact local concept for any form of material energy, either: assuming the definition of the Hilbert tensor T is unique (which is proved in Section 4.
Gracias a la naturaleza lineal a tramos de la malla de entrada y con el fin de obtener un campo tensorial continuo en toda la superficie, se debe construir un campo de tensor de curvatura lineal a tramos, para estimar la curvatura del tensor en cada vertice e interpolar estos valores linealmente en los vertices de cada triangulo.
It is written in C++ and uses classes and templates to manipulate and operate scalars, vectorial and tensorial fields [22].
In order to describe the general rules, we need to expand the previous definitions of rfix and lfix to tensorial algebras.
my]v[lambda][sigma]] se define a traves de la densidad tensorial contravariante [[epsilon].
This is done in the absence of a splitting space for the given representation (corresponding to Hilbert space tensorial splitting of the type [H.
If one abandons the symmetric arrangement of nodes, quadrature rules based on mapping the square to the reference triangle can be simply obtained from tensorial product orthogonal polynomials [23-27].
Una descripcion menos idealizada consiste en considerar los estados del instrumento representados mediante vectores en un espacio de Hilbert que es el producto tensorial del espacio asociado al puntero por el espacio asociado al resto de los grados de libertad del instrumento.
For similar equations in tensorial notation one may visit the references [2, 14].
This phenomenon is described and simulated by Dafalias using a simple theory of plasticity [10], which combines Hill's quadratic yield criterion for orthotropic sheet metals with the concept of plastic spin as an essential constitutive component for the orientational evolution of the anisotropic tensorial internal variables [11].