tensor tympani

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a small muscle in the middle ear that tenses to protect the eardrum

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The muscles tensor tympani and tensor veli palatini are the first focus of the functional origin of the otic disorders with symptoms like tinnitus, otic fullness, subjective hearing loss and vertigo.
The stapedial muscles accompany the tensor tympani muscle in the middle ear mechanism.
The dysfunction of the tensor tympani muscle in conjunction with tensor veli palatini muscle also plays an important role in the relationship ofTMD and otic symptoms.
Salen & Zakrisson (1978) found that pharyngeal and laryngeal muscles work simultaneously during swallowing with the tensor tympani and assist in Eustachian tube ventilation similar to an air pump.
If the mastication muscles are hypertonic because of TMD it is also possible that the tensor veli palatini and tensor tympani muscles can be hypertonic because of the common innervation by V3.
We excluded tenosynovial extra-articular chondromatosis--another entity that has been reported as synovial chondromatosis originating in the tenosynovial membranes (10)--in view of the absence of any involvement of the stapedius and tensor tympani tendons.