tension headache

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a headache located at the back of the head

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OVER THE COUNTER: Most tension headaches can be stopped with a simple painkiller, says Dr Andy Dowson, director of headache services, King's College Hospital, London.
Migraine is often accompanied by tension or allergy-like symptoms such as stuffy and running nose feeling, pain or pressure in or around the sinuses which patients and physicians alike may misinterpret as tension headache.
Tension headaches often are described as tightness or vice-like pain around the forehead or back of the head.
The occasional tension headache is at one end and the migraine headache is at the other.
To make tension headaches go away, the Farmers' Almanac recommends applying an ice pack to the neck and upper back, or, even better, getting someone to massage those areas.
But most of the land was swamp when we started, full of decaying matter, which emits tons of methane gas," Marie said, as she massaged her temples with her one free hand in an obvious effort to stave off a tension headache.
Its pain-relieving qualities are indicated for tension headache, muscular pain, and arthritic complaints.
In support of this idea, researchers recently studied 301 patients with tension headache.
The migraine sensation is now defined as "unilateral pain pulsating with each heartbeat," as key to differentiating it from the tension headache.
Tension headache, which is typically bilateral and mild to moderate in degree, is diagnosed by the lack of features associated with migraine, eg nausea, sensitivity to light, vomiting and sensitivity to sound.
Of those with regular headache, 21% had migraine with aura, 27% had migraine without aura, and 18% had tension headache.
Of those, 21% had migraine with aura, 27% had migraine without aura, and 18% had tension headache.
These are a type of tension headache produced when a person worries about whether a sexual encounter is going to be successful, or about the possible consequences.
Stress, lack of sleep, eye strain or even hunger can trigger a nasty tension headache.