tensile strength

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the strength of material expressed as the greatest longitudinal stress it can bear without tearing apart

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In this work, to obtain the available tensile strength, Optimal values of input variables were evaluated by using two level factorial experimental design and response surface.
Aging exposure to Dexron VI at 150[degrees]C caused unacceptable losses in both tensile strength and elongation, as well as excessive gains in hardness and modulus.
This paper encompasses the new approach of addition of Methyl Cellulose (MC) in rice husk ash polymer modified concrete and to investigate its effect on mechanical properties; compressive and tensile strength.
Two primary laboratories testing conducted were unconfined compressive strength and split tensile strength.
The differences between the tensile strength in the warp and in the weft are not so significant as those of the plain wove fabrics, which is related to the woven densities and woven methods [33].
The flattened Brazilian test has been a popular method in recent years to determine the tensile strength of rock materials [15-19].
In this study an investigation is carried out on the effect of elevated temperature on the tensile strength.
To measure the tensile strength, the LABORATECH LabTest 5250 SP1 equipment was used.
For the Filtek Z250 there was no statistically significant difference between immersion in distilled water and artificial saliva but the ethanol group presented lower tensile strength (pless than 0.
They reported that, splitting tensile strength decreased with increase in fly ash content.
Equations 2 and 3 describes the relationship between the tensile strength of inorganic plate-like tiller reinforced polymer composites, the tensile strength of the resin matrix, and the interfacial stress between the filler and matrix, the filler volume fraction, as well as the filler geometry parameters.
The company stated that it is the first firm to integrate Ultra High Tensile Strength Steel with High Formability.
The same researcher also analyzed fiber orientation, reporting tensile strengths for carbon fiber with epoxy resin ranging from 433 to 588 MPa with a 0[degrees]/90[degrees] orientation and tensile strength ranging from 12.
Tensile strength decreased with increasing temperature until 572F (300C), where a slight increase in tensile strength was observed in the 30 and 60 minute cycle times.
The predominant factors which have greater influence on tensile strength of friction stir welded aluminium alloys were identified as tool pin profiles, tool rotational speed, welding speed and tool axial downward force [7].