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Synonyms for tenseness

the physical condition of being stretched or strained

(psychology) a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense

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When he talked (to the team), it seemed like all the tenseness in the room went out the window.
The congested residential locality has reportedly turned into a battlefield, as the efforts of the Internal Security Forces and Jounieh municipal police failed to mitigate the tenseness.
Uncomfortable feelings of tenseness, pain during and after practicing, anxieties accompanying lessons or performances will counteract these positive learning experiences and will sooner or later cause loss of joy in making music.
Sam Carroll walton THE connection between players and fans was definitely lost in the tenseness of the Spurs game.
Scott orchestrates the film seamlessly, with the mood, the music and the tone creating a constant tenseness that keeps unfolding in such unexpected ways.
Additionally, the tenseness or flexibility of the muscles of articulation impact the other muscles with which they share insertions and origins and can set off a cascading effect of tension or greater flexibility.
On the variable, adventurousness (H), pretension(L), bohemianism (M), shrewdness (N), self-sufficiency(Q2), and tenseness (Q4) also, there was no such significant difference could note with that of sports man group and non sports man group.
Plutarch described it as "close and compact, with a tenseness caused by the reflection of the mountains and their resistance, but at the same time biting.
When the individual components of type A personality were assessed the Group A subjects were found to score high on all the variables with highest scores ranging from 87% to 92% on tenseness, impatience and restlessness and 56% to 63% on being achievement oriented, dominating and workaholic.
In this vision, sinfulness on the part of an officeholder provides no relevant data for evaluating the structure of the office, and any productive assessment of the eschatological tenseness between the church we are and the church we are called to be is lost; this is due in part to a lack of a coherent theory of the relation between its divine and all-too-human realities.
There's underlying tenseness to these moments of calm, and I'm reminded of a song on Worlds.
Digital examination per vaginum showed tenseness of broad ligaments of left side with depression on right side and diagnosed as pre cervical right uterine torsion and degree of torsion was approximately 120[degrees].
The atmosphere wasn't great in the first 35 minutes, a reflection of the tenseness of the relegation battle and the fact City were so shocking.
Edge of the seat tenseness ensues in a classy bit of horror.