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a system of tenses used in a particular language

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Tense system expresses the logic relation of time sequence, precedence and synchronism.
The analysis focuses on the tense system, especially temporal transitions, some of which occur in ways that may surprise and even shock those more concerned with norms, and who therefore tend to condemn them categorically.
The tense system of the direct speech is transferred to the past, following the three basic chronological relations of the event subordinated to the main verb: anteriority: the pluperfect replaces the present perfect, simultaneity: the imperfect replaces the present, posteriority: the conditional replaces the future, to indicate "the future seen from the past.
What has been said so far indicates that in some sections of the Bulgarian tense system there is a tripartite opposition in respect to evidentiality.
In Estonian there is no separate grammatical category to express aspect and also in the tense system the aspectual opposition is not explicitly marked (unlike Bulgarian, where the imperfect and the aorist are in such an opposition).
He does not develop these ideas extensively within Zahl and Zeit, but does so in a later article, "The Tense Systems in the Sumerian-Akkadian Linguistic Area' Acta Sumerologica Japonica 20 (1998): 181-99.
This tense system is reflected in some literary Vedic texts.
There can be no reasonable doubt, then, that the tense system which Panini describes for the speech of his time and area is actually attested in Vedic literature.
The Old Indo-Aryan tense system thus attested to not only by Panini for the language of his time and area but also in Vedic texts has of course to be considered in historical perspective.
Accordingly, it is most plausible to consider that the Old Indo-Aryan Panini describes indeed represents the old tense system and that (c) is the result of innovation.
Yet, (1) languages also encode temporal relations in their tense systems and (2) the use of adverbials can correlate with tense markings.
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Media Contact: Carmen Smith, Future Tense Systems, 1 669-444-0304, info@futuretensecentral.