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someone who earns a living playing or teaching tennis

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Back in June 2000, Earls teamed up with CNN talking head Bill Press, Washington tennis pro Kathy Kemper, and Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines on a fundraiser for Williams.
Based on Frederick Knott's Broadway drama, Hitchcock's taut thriller has wronged husband and tennis pro Tony Wendice (Ray Milland) "phoning in" the murder of his strayed but repentant wife Margot (Grace Kelly) while he and her ex-lover (Robert Cummings) are enjoying a night out at the club.
And there's also the Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Wars expansion pack for PC and Smash Court Tennis Pro for PS2character off in any direction, so to be prevented from exploring an area that looks like part of the foreground can be irritating.
Other athlete-inspired treatments include Sports Hydrotherapy, Sacred Stone Therapy, and Reflexology--don't worry if you're not necessarily a golf or tennis pro, these treatments are good for everyone.
WEST HAM are on the trail of Grimsby Town's former tennis pro Michael Boulding.
Tennis aces will love our Accu-Serve Tennis competition, featuring popular Fitness Farm tennis pro Brad Holmes.
In two extended profiles, on tennis pro Michael Joyce and filmmaker David Lynch, Wallace's predilection for self-reference prevents him from keeping his journalistic gaze trained on the matter at hand, resulting in "profiles" that are largely devoted to Wallace himself - his past, his impressions, his personal connections to his chosen subjects.
His entry in the Bank of the West Great Returns Sweepstakes on Bank of the West's Facebook page won him the chance of a lifetime: a face-off with a tennis pro to return a 100 mph serve.
Law Cash Advance Company says that the case involving retired tennis pro James Blake, who was wrongfully tackled and arrested by an officer, is now in a "negotiation phase"; the Civilian Complaint Review Board ruled that the officer used "excessive force" during the September 9th arrest in NY.
The actress shared her love for her tennis pro husband via a few Instagram pictures.
Broadcaster Mary Joe Fernandez, former tennis pro and Olympic gold medalist, and Torie Clarke, the head of SAP Global Corporate Affairs are comprised in the Panelists.
The fitness chain is named after former English tennis pro David Lloyd, who founded the business in 1980.
Fletcher would like to follow in his dad's footsteps and become a tennis pro.
Championship Division Winner: Jason Haim, SG2 Properties with Tennis Pro Alberto Torchia
Ilana Kloss, of the World Team Tennis Pro League, said: "We will not tolerate this language or derogatory remarks.