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the court on which tennis is played

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D'Artagnan related the adventure of the preceding day in all its details; how, not having been able to sleep for the joy he felt in the expectation of seeing his Majesty, he had gone to his three friends three hours before the hour of audience; how they had gone together to the tennis court, and how, upon the fear he had manifested lest he receive a ball in the face, he had been jeered at by Bernajoux who had nearly paid for his jeer with his life and M.
ACE REPORTER Richard warms up Mirrorman Richard at Mr Letwin's tennis court WHAT A RAQUET NEIGHBOUR Farmer Mike
Diving headshots and even the flashy bicycle kicks are encouraged because of the fact the tennis court is covered in XL Turf, the high-tech synthetic grass.
Johnson's tennis court in Lynchburg, Virginia, to watch Althea practice.
Newcastle City Council has a tennis court repair budget of pounds 45,000 per year, but that doesn't include extra costs such as line marking.
Posh and Becks are having a pounds 20,000 tennis court built in the grounds of their 24-acre "Beckingham Palace" home in Hertfordshire.
Tenders are invited for Advertisement For Tennis Court Repair / Resurfacing
A three-bedroom property with swimming pool and tennis court set in the middle of the row of coloured cottages overlooking the extensive grounds of this popular holiday village.
After I lost to Canna the year before, I realized how immature I was on the tennis court.
THE most westerly tennis court in Europe is to be built on an island off the west coast.
Across the street, guests enjoy the Palace's tennis court and pool, which overlook the lake.
Amenities include an outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court and playground.
Option #2: Court Striping for Pickleball ; 1 wide Pickleball court lines in yellow tennis court paint on each of the 4 Tennis Courts.
The couple challenged the expansion of a historic district to include a part of their property that has a tennis court.
It has remained in the same family ownership since that time and benefitted from a number of changes including an extension to the farmhouse, the creation of a separate cottage and the construction of the outside tennis court for sport enthusiasts.