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Still talking about her father, of whom she was very proud, she rose, for Arthur upon looking at his watch found that it was time they went back again to the tennis court.
D'Artagnan related the adventure of the preceding day in all its details; how, not having been able to sleep for the joy he felt in the expectation of seeing his Majesty, he had gone to his three friends three hours before the hour of audience; how they had gone together to the tennis court, and how, upon the fear he had manifested lest he receive a ball in the face, he had been jeered at by Bernajoux who had nearly paid for his jeer with his life and M.
If tennis is the word, I can put up nets fit to catch birds of paradise in.
By three o'clock the local visitors had arrived, and tennis was proceeding in four courts, rolled and prepared by Smilash.
Miss Wilson invited her visitors to join the tennis players.
Don't worry thinking about him, but come and have a game at lawn tennis.
They were now approaching the tennis courts by a path which wound between two laurel hedges through the shrubbery.
Only two persons were left on the tennis ground--Agatha and Mrs.
Magnificently appointed landaus and covered motors swept in and out of the drive, and the air was gay with the merry outcries of the tennis players.
M'Leod, while tall menservants and maidservants took away the tennis and tea things.
Over the south verandah, looking on to the tennis lawn.
Besides her high-profile career as a tennis champion, Garrison has not forgotten her roots and continues to give back to her community.
NEW YORK -- IMG, the world's premier sports, entertainment and media company, today announced that it has acquired Tennis Week Magazine and its companion online news site tennisweek.
55am Tennis ATP Challenger Tour: Astana, Kazakhstan 6am Tennis WTA International: Baku 7.
PLAYERS from all parts of Wales took a share of the honours at the Junior National Tennis Championships in Cardiff.