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dark and gloomy

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Chesterton's tropes shift from the personal and the historical to the luminous and the tenebrous in the fourth and fifth stanzas, as the gloaming passes into nightfall.
Of all contemporary filmmakers, the Hungarian director is the one most acquainted with the night, the cosmic desolation he infers from the vileness of humanity manifest in stark, tenebrous settings besieged by relentless elements.
The credibility of the book is in no way enhanced by Professor Greenblatt's original claim: that this secular miracle--this "swerve" away from the tenebrous ignorance of medieval Christendom, bringing about the scientific and political and cultural revolutions that have attained glorious consummation in the contemporary welfare state--all this hinged on the survival of a single manuscript of the Epicurean poem De rerum natura by the first-century BC Roman poet Lucretius, and its rediscovery by a Vatican secretary and humanist book hunter, Poggio Bracciolini, early in the fifteenth century.
Gloomy, tenebrous Shanghai in this film has something from Alfred Hitchcock's films: the river, the old bridge, a mysterious girl who probably is not quite such who she seems to be, and the obsessive moods--such elements show that this film was stylistically and thematically inspired by Hitchcock's film "Vertigo" (1958).
A 'cosmopolitanism grounded in the tenebrous moment of transition', they propose, 'is distinct from [earlier] more triumphalist notions of cosmopolitical existence [such as] modernity [and its] universalist claims to world citizenship'.
In retrospect I'm tempted to call it tenebrous dark, For the rich mythic sound, the liturgical grandeur, The once and once onliness of the words, But that March night was all so routine-- A night run's insomniac boredom, A good drunk to numb it, See ya .
Amid the tenebrous, wind-funneled snowflakes at dusk,
Its iridescent red surface, perforated with a tenebrous light pushed toward overexposure, turns Cobain's acting out at the microphone into a virtual dissolve.
With his quiet, tenebrous anxieties so elegantly summoned, aired--he's the one who taught, told, most of us, the white audience, what we needed to know, so little wanted to know.
The tenebrous matter of the body will not allow the soul to actualize its potentialities because of the nature of the body itself:
On the other hand, there is Persephone Queen of the Underworld, a creature of darkness, tenebrous and unrevealed.
Lewis's The Monk followed the general pattern set by The Castle of Otranto--each of the three canonical Gothic authors juxtapose their psychologically detailed protagonists against tenebrous and supernatural horrors to evoke fear in their readers.
in Yerushalmi 82), and it has been said that "if Moses were merely an essay in biblical history written by some adventurous academic, it would long have gathered dust on the more tenebrous shelves of theological libraries" (Yerushalmi 82).
In 1977, for example, the philosopher John Searle wrote "Reiterating the Differences: A Reply to Derrida" an attack on deconstruction that was devastating--we would have said "unanswerable" except that Derrida instantly swung into print with a tenebrous piece of sophistry that would have been funny if it had not been in earnest.