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sluggish hard-bodied black terrestrial weevil whose larvae feed on e

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Indeed, tenebrionid beetles are the most abundant in the study site especially between April and July and in September-October.
Peaks in abundance of the two tenebrionid beetles appeared to correspond to dry years during 1998-2006.
In addition, two tenebrionids were reported with northern distributions.
Water balance and temperature preferences, and their role in regulating activity times of tenebrionid beetles.
rudis accepted as prey some tenebrionid larvae (Palembus sp.
These and similar quinones are shared by disparate groups, including millipedes; cockroaches; tenebrionid, staphylinid, and carabid beetles; earwigs; and daddylonglegs (Opiliones).
Population size, microgeographic distribution and habitat separation in some tenebrionid beetles (Coleoptera).
Neither of the two species unique to Camp Site, Asidina furcata (Champion) and an unidentified tenebrionid, were large components of the survey and are most likely incidental collections.
1] in desert tenebrionid beetles (Nicholson, Louw, and Edney, 1984) to 270 [micro]g [cm.
Given the lack of surface moisture, the desert supports a surprising diversity of wildlife, from fish-moths and tenebrionid beetles in the dunes to gemsbuk, kudu and springbok, which feed on the lush vegetation along the riverbeds.
Ecological factors affecting populations sampling of desert tenebrionid beetles.
Diffusion in fractal landscapes: simulations and experimental studies of Tenebrionid beetle movements.
Eicosanoids mediate nodulation responses to bacterial infection in larvae of the Tenebrionid beetle, Zophobas atratus.