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a cord or band of inelastic tissue connecting a muscle with its bony attachment

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I had stopped to look at the house as I passed; and its seared red brick walls, blocked windows, and strong green ivy clasping even the stacks of chimneys with its twigs and tendons, as if with sinewy old arms, had made up a rich attractive mystery, of which I was the hero.
When they had done praying and sprinkling the barley meal {32} Thrasymedes dealt his blow, and brought the heifer down with a stroke that cut through the tendons at the base of her neck, whereon the daughters and daughters in law of Nestor, and his venerable wife Eurydice (she was eldest daughter to Clymenus) screamed with delight.
He that hurled it was Peirous, son of Imbrasus, captain of the Thracians, who had come from Aenus; the bones and both the tendons were crushed by the pitiless stone.
Already, at thirty-five, grey streaked the scanty, dull hair, wrinkles lined the worn olive-brown face, and the tendons of the thin neck stood out.
You must know, with your wide experience of turf matters, Colonel Ross, that it is possible to make a slight nick upon the tendons of a horse's ham, and to do it subcutaneously, so as to leave absolutely no trace.
Under the thatched roofs her mind's eye beheld relaxed tendons and flaccid muscles, spread out in the darkness beneath coverlets made of little purple patchwork squares, and undergoing a bracing process at the hands of sleep for renewed labour on the morrow, as soon as a hint of pink nebulosity appeared on Hambledon Hill.
He strung his bow with tendons from the buck upon which he had dined his first evening upon the new shore, and though he would have preferred the gut of Sheeta for the purpose, he was content to wait until opportunity permitted him to kill one of the great cats.
By stretching them upon the stems of trees, and diligently scraping them, he had managed to save them in a fair condition, and now that his clothes were threatening to cover his nakedness no longer, he commenced to fashion a rude garment of them, using a sharp thorn for a needle, and bits of tough grass and animal tendons in lieu of thread.
But behind him was Dave, likewise straining backward, and behind the sled was Francois, pulling till his tendons cracked.
9, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Many tendon problems of the hand and wrist are related to chronic degeneration or underlying conditions.
For example, when the bicep muscle on the front top of the arm contracts, the tendon attached to the bicep muscle and elbow bone helps the muscle to pull on the elbow bones so the joint can bend.
Tendon injuries are characterised by degraded tissue matrix that leads to inflammation and pain, and could lead to ruptures.
Patellar tendinopathy (PT) describes a clinical condition characterized by activity-related anterior knee pain associated with focal patellar tendon tenderness localized to the inferior pole of the patella.
2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Regenerative medicine company, Orthocell Limited (Orthocell), today announced the results of its unprecedented and successful clinical trial for the treatment of tendon injuries using its patented stem cell technology.
Washington, Aug 08 ( ANI ): The onset of tendon disease had previously been associated with exercise, but a new research has found that doing moderate exercise could help guard against and treat the painful condition.