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Synonyms for tendinous

consisting of tendons or resembling a tendon


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6,21) While muscle force output relies on neural activation, maximal plantar flexion in particular is profoundly influenced by the increasing contribution of tendinous tissues during greater fascicle-shortening velocities.
Caption: Figure 7a--Myositic form of Pseudotumour CT axial section: Asymmetrically enlarged medial rectus with involvement of tendinous portion, in homogenous enhancement, and streaky densities.
Abandoning systematic recovery from various reasons predisposes to tendinous and capsulo-articulatory reactions.
The muscles were elevated and incised distally at the level of their tendinous attachments to the capsule of the stifle joint.
The tendinous insertions of the hypertonic muscles become stressed and painful leading to tendonitis and eventually periostitis (especially noted in golfers and tennis elbow).
Ultrasound therapy in tendinous injury healing in goats.
Radiographic findings in POPP include intraand periarticular erosions, new bone formation including periostitis, bony protuberances, soft tissue prominence (dactylitis or sausage digits), and calcification at ligament and tendinous insertions in keeping with enthesopathy.
If the healing process of the ruptured muscle area decreases tendinous compliance, then a question is raised about the effectiveness of any physiotherapy intervention program after hamstring injury with regards to hamstring tendon / aponeurosis properties.
Court-Brown, "The epidemiology of musculoskeletal tendinous and ligamentous injuries," Injury, vol.
What does occur as we age, however, is that the tendinous portion that attaches to bone begins to break down.
The hallmark of the disease is calcium hydroxyapatite deposition into the tendinous insertions of the longus colli musculature, a paired neck flexor, (1-3) which is not fully understood but thought to occur as a response to prior inflammation or infection, such as an upper respiratory infection, or trauma.
All of our cases had rupture at tendinous insertion of pectoralis major.
US can be used to target the collagen-rich tendinous units of the hamstring muscles because of its ability to penetrate deeper tissues.
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