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Hirth states, that tending does not last more than a day.
However, the factors that were tending to depress broad money growth in relation to measures of economic and price performance were likely to persist, and the extent and duration of deviations from historic relationships were highly uncertain.
The acquisition expands ABBs machine tending portfolio with a wider variety of advanced and vision-integrated applications for industries including automotive, plastics and electronics, such as smart phone manufacturing.
3 : to manage the operation of <Who's tending the store?
In Global Woman: Nannies, Maids and Sex Workers in the New Economy (Metropolitan, 2002) Barbara Ehrenreich and Arlie Russell Hochschild report that more and more of the nannies, housekeepers, and caregivers tending to our homes, children, and elders are underpaid and unprotected women of color from the other side of the tracks or the global village.
When researchers removed the ants tending to it, the growth of the fungus garden slowed.
Beautifying a street corner or median would seem to be among the simplest and least controversial of civic projects, exemplifying the suburban dream of tending one's garden.
If Burton partakes of Signac's goals, he has abandoned the latter's use of the figure (as if to suggest that no individual has privileged access to cosmic mystery), and his gestures are more fluid and fast, tending to integrate with the geometry, each adumbrating and informing and begetting the next.
The access of lending institutions to the capital markets had improved, and there were increasing indications, not yet reflected in the loan data, that banks were seeking lending opportunities more actively in many parts of the country and that loan demand from small and medium-size businesses was tending to revive.
To test this idea, Starks established colonies of labeled wasps in a greenhouse and noted which captive wasps were tending nests and which were unaffiliated.
AS: More a kind of anxiety of inclusion, strategically necessary perhaps but tending to enumerations of all things good, exhortations to take the best from a variety of approaches.
Continuing constraints on the availability of loans for land acquisition and construction might also be a factor tending to inhibit construction activity, at least currently.