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made tender as by marinating or pounding


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coli on the surface of meat may be pushed into its center when the meat is either tenderized by needles or injected with a marinade.
The new labels will advise the consumers to cook mechanically tenderized beef to a minimum internal temperature of 63[degrees]C (145[degrees]F).
Beef mechanically tenderized must have a sticker that explicit says the contents of the package.
Concerns about mechanically tenderized meat have come amid an unusually high number of foodborne illness cases linked to such products.
corners of plastic and twist into ball so tenderized kampachi encloses
co//'when subprimals are punctured, as part of being tenderized, and the effect of gas-grill cooking on survival of those microbes.
But he declined to say how the outlet tenderized the tough camel meat.
Tenderized just a bit by two young children and an emerging social consciousness, the songwriting blues rocker still tears it up fiercely on her new album, "Back to the River," which she'll be showcasing at the Sunset Strip House of Blues on Friday.
Embarrassingly, I've spent the rest of the week nursing an aching back and tenderized abs.
05) between the two tenderizers and the tenderized goat meat with the control as well as among the three parts.
The meat section also contains a dry aging case that allows cuts of Scottish beef to be tenderized to perfection.
The items under recall include boxes of mechanically tenderized steaks and ground beef of different weights.
The Democrats in the libertarian West, tenderized by the wipeouts of the 1990s, reassessed their positions on the Second Amendment, public land, and taxes, and reintroduced themselves to voters.
I Love You is reminiscent of Giacometti's Surrealist tabletop works, and the subtly lovely white puddle of Milk seems like a streamlined, tenderized Arp.
Anyone who consumes restructured or mechanically tenderized beef probably doesn't know it.