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Synonyms for tenderize

make tender or more tender as by marinating, pounding, or applying a tenderizer

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In the case of slow cooking, that method alone will tenderize even the toughest of meat.
Application of enzymes like papain and bromelin and lowering of pH with vinegar, and citric acids and the use of electrical stimulation are some of the methods used to tenderize meat effectively [3,4,14].
If this newly extracted latex substance is applied to a little blood, it dissolves it as if by magic; mixed with lukewarm milk, it coagulates it instantaneously; and in just a few hours, it tenderizes and disintegrates meat or any other tissue, and even corrodes metal.
Borrowing from techniques used to tenderize beef, pork and lamb, Kannan's research team announced at recent animal science and food conferences in San Antonio and Chicago that the two tenderization methods also work with goat meat.
The federal government reported success with a small company's novel method of using explosions to tenderize meat (153: 366*).
Add clean kale leaves to boiling pasta during the last 30 seconds of cooking, or just before draining the pasta, to set their color and tenderize them slightly.
The wide face of the chef's knife blade can be used to crush garlic, spices, nuts and other foods, while the blade face can be used to pound veal, chicken and other meats to both shape and tenderize.
It also works well as a meat tenderizer; a gram of its protein-digesting enzyme, zingibain, can tenderize as much as 20 pounds of meat.
There are marinades that call for enzymes rather than acids, and enzymes actually do tenderize meat by breaking down the muscle fibers and the collagen that holds the muscles together.
To tenderize the muscle, we should then break down the tissue with a wooden or rubber mallet, the same way abalone chefs pound them on the West Coast.
One way cooks circumvent the octopus-as-a-rubber-ball issue is to tenderize the flesh before cooking it.
Tenderize the meat, then rub lots of salt onto the meat.
They will be assessing the outcome of research aimed at finding new ways to tenderize meat and add value to processed meat products.
For Steak, pound steak a bit with a meat mallet to tenderize.
Sometimes it takes a lot of pounding to tenderize meat.