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Synonyms for tenderize

make tender or more tender as by marinating, pounding, or applying a tenderizer

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Morton in her book, Fruits of Warm Climates, 'a piece of green papaya can be rubbed on a portion of tough meat to tenderize it.
In the case of slow cooking, that method alone will tenderize even the toughest of meat.
Application of enzymes like papain and bromelin and lowering of pH with vinegar, and citric acids and the use of electrical stimulation are some of the methods used to tenderize meat effectively [3,4,14].
FVSU's ability to tenderize low-fat goat meat for an American palate is part of ongoing research to raise chemically free goats, which could position the meat as the nation's next health fad.
Karimov's regime, notes the Times of London, is constantly seeking to refine that satanic science, "formulating new ways to poach, grill, tenderize, smoke, and flambe his citizens to death.
Sometimes it takes a lot of pounding to tenderize meat.
Beal adds, "We still use it to chop or tenderize round steak and similar meats.
In the other, the vitamin's toxic characteristics are being harnessed to tenderize beef.
Technologists at Tenderwave, a food processing company, are using shock waves from dynamite explosions to tenderize meat, according to Agricultural Research, a U.
Long starts regaling them with details of his latest venture: explosions to tenderize beef, lamb, or chicken.
The wide face of the chef's knife blade can be used to crush garlic, spices, nuts and other foods, while the blade face can be used to pound veal, chicken and other meats to both shape and tenderize.
It also works well as a meat tenderizer; a gram of its protein-digesting enzyme, zingibain, can tenderize as much as 20 pounds of meat.
Regular stovetop pressure cookers offer energy- and timesaving merits, Including the ability to quickly tenderize budget cuts of meat and speedily prepare beans and other foods that normally require lengthy cooking.
If you don't have an oven, you can tenderize the ribs over a stovetop instead.
One way cooks circumvent the octopus-as-a-rubber-ball issue is to tenderize the flesh before cooking it.