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the act of making meat tender by pounding or marinating it

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The trend of the current results conforms to that of earlier reports [21,25], which indicate that tenderization is relatively rapid during the early stages (3 to 7 days) of ageing and continues to increase but at a much slower rate thereafter.
Borrowing from techniques used to tenderize beef, pork and lamb, Kannan's research team announced at recent animal science and food conferences in San Antonio and Chicago that the two tenderization methods also work with goat meat.
The new tenderizers are circular in design, for easier tenderization of in-bone meats, whole chickens, poultry and game.
We used to say that if the chute didn't open, the troops on the ground had instant tenderization for the pig.
Twenty review papers address such topics as the role of the calpain proteolytic system in beef tenderization during post mortem cooler storage, and the relationship between the nutritional qualities of dairy products and human health.
The researchers have found that the tenderness of meat changes during postmortem aging--first going through a toughening phase before the tenderization phase begins.
Wheeler found that the tenderness of meat changes during postmortem aging-first going through a toughening phase before the tenderization phase begins.
However, just incising itself may not be sufficient to flatten veneer since tenderization can only occur in veneer areas localized in proximity to incisions.
The most important finding from these studies, according to investigators, is that it is not scientifically valid to classify as non-intact all meat products produced through restructuring, mechanical tenderization, marination and injection technologies.
Rupturing 60 percent of the Z lines--as the shockwave process typically does--resuits in measurable tenderization, Zuckerman says.
We've developed a tenderization process that enables chefs to prepare Clam Fillets much the same way as chicken breasts, veal cutlets or abalone steaks for only a fraction of their costs," said Sid Dogon, sales director.
Meat companies and restaurants don't warn consumers about mechanical tenderization and the dangers that go with it," Pritzker said.
Tenders are invited for Tenderization of monthly Meter Reading of Residential, Commercial & Agricultural consumer through IR meter reading / Photo meter reading with digital camera, data punching/entry, creation of CD along with DTC meter reading & Energy Bill Distribution work in Bhandara(U) Sub-Division under O& M Division, Bhandara.
There are various methods (tumbling, blade tenderization, massaging, etc) used to accelerate marinade solution penetration into the meat products.
Additional tenderization can be achieved by slicing the steak no more than one-half inch thick before marinating and then pounding it with a meat hammer until it's about half its original thickness.