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Synonyms for tenderised

made tender as by marinating or pounding


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Cook's tip - You could use the pesto coating on different cuts of meat, such as chicken breasts or organic pork fillet, tenderised using a rolling pin.
The 39-year-old was tenderised after a close encounter with a bull.
Now meat doesn't have to be tenderised, they're used to add flavour--and these marinades use a lot of seasoning; says Paul Vita, marketing director at Discovery Foods.
Main Courses Steak Diane Tenderised sirloin steak, flash-fried and served flambe (in flaming brandy) with shallots and mushrooms.
She also held a one-year-old girl's hand against an oven door, burning it until it looked like tenderised meat, it was said.
The dishes, marketed as microwaveable meats, are previously slow cooked and tenderised which, Berry said, offers a high quality alternative to ready meals.