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Synonyms for tenderise

make tender or more tender as by marinating, pounding, or applying a tenderizer

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Kiwi fruit, fresh pineapple and papaya contain enzymes that break down protein and will tenderise steaks and chops if placed on top of meat for an hour or two.
The vinegar would tenderise the meat and then he'd get the charcoal cooking and throw a bunch of potatoes in there and he'd grill that piece of meat and slice it, and that, to me, is the taste of coming home," he says.
A TAKEAWAY boss was fined pounds 2,500 yesterday after using a cricket bat gnawed by rats to tenderise meat.
How long before we have enough far eastern people living here to allow dog hanging and beating to tenderise the meat.
This will tenderise the meat as well as adding flavour.
Meat continues to mature and tenderise in this packaging.
Classically the recipe calls for fillet steak but I often use a good quality sirloin that I've batted out to tenderise it.
To tenderise tough meat, add 1tbsp (20ml) vinegar to the cooking water.
Here nutmeg is also used while cooking lamb to tenderise it.
Today's marinade is a simple one that adds extra flavour and helps tenderise the beef.
In Asia marinades are used to preserve, impart flavour and tenderise.
Add a little to stir-fries and marinades where it helps to tenderise meat as well as provide flavour.
Rub some of the kiwi puree into the scored flesh and allow 10-15 minutes to marinade and tenderise the fish.
Method: If using necks of lamb, split in two along the spine and remove the creamy coloured tough structure found just below the skin, this is known as the didgeridoo and will not tenderise during cooking.
It takes time for the lactic acid to tenderise the meat and for gradual water loss to further concentrate the essential flavour to develop.