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the act of making meat tender by pounding or marinating it

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Certainly for anyone that would like a robust steak, but surprisingly, also for those who like their meat cooked closer to medium and medium-well: thanks to the tenderisation, even when cooked to a higher degree, the meat is juicier and softer than a non-aged counterpart.
Hanging meat on the bone for a minimum of four weeks also contributes to maximum tenderisation.
The considerable variation between pigs and farms is being tracked back to factors on the farm through understanding the tenderisation process.
We also consider that the benefits of HVES include a faster rate of tenderisation," he says.
Mechanical tenderisation of pork meat: Protein and water release due to tissue damage.
It lists the broad applications which ultrasound has found in food preservation, ranging from crystallisation of fats and sugars, through degassing liquids, foaming and extraction of solutes, to mixing, drying and meat tenderisation, and explains why some of these are seemingly contradictory.
One treatment includes the injection of a salt compound into boned out forequarter meat to accelerate tenderisation and reduce the ageing process.
Vitamin D supplementation increases the intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, stimulating the production of calcium-binding proteins in the mucosa, which activates the calcium activated tenderisation (CAT) complex through the increase in plasma calcium.
The alternative to modified carcase suspension after slaughter is high voltage electrical stimulation of the carcase (HVES) which achieves a similar tenderisation of beef muscle.
Our understanding of protein conformation, thermostability, substrate specificity and action in water lipid interfaces will lead to a more rational design of novel food processing enzymes and studies currently being undertaken on enzymes responsible for certain processing events, such as meat tenderisation will again lead to novel ways of enhancing or controlling such events.