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Synonyms for tenderheartedness

warm compassionate feelings

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It's just this toughness of mind and tenderheartedness, this capacity to bring love to the very center of their resistance, that the world witnessed in the demonstrations of the Civil Rights period.
Granted, Sophia is not an avowed vegetarian, but her tenderheartedness toward animals extends beyond sentiment.
O]ur soldiers were slightly contemptuous of the Italians and didn't fully trust them; yet with a typical American tenderheartedness they felt sorry for them, and little by little they became sort of fond of them.
Similarly too, tender pity, according to the feeling of compassion, in a tenderhearted way willed not the punishment or perdition of the miserable; neither against God did it not will what God was justly willing; rather, it loved tenderheartedness, which was its own, and yet it did not reject justice, which was not its own.
His escape and showdown against an usurper make for a rousing adventure in this warm-hearted tale presented with just the right blend of cartoony art style, action, derring-do, and tenderheartedness.