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an inexperienced person (especially someone inexperienced in outdoor living)

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The idea was to introduce new tenderfoots to the scouting brotherhood beyond their local troop and to initiate them into the special realm of scouting lore.
Purchased by owner Clives Smith as a four-year-old tenderfoot from French handler Serge Foucher for EUR400,000 in the summer of 2004, he would go on to lift Kempton's Boxing Day feature a record five times.
That's the way it is in football now, as underlined by the sacking of Andre Villas-Boas, a tenderfoot manager driven out six months into a job he should never have been given at Chelsea.
Tenderfoot that he may have been just a few months before, Marty took to the field with natural talent the following spring.
Two new Wilma Tenderfoot stories by Emma Kennedy are top picks for any collection strong in fiction for middle schools.
The duo have also brought out the first part of an all-ages superhero title called Halcyon and Tenderfoot, which can be purchased in digital form as well as in comic shops such as Travelling Man.
At 2-7 he seemed short enough, given that Decies had shown marked improvement when making all in the National Stakes, upsetting a strongly fancied pair in Great Heron and Prince Tenderfoot, winners of the Tyros Stakes and Royal Ascot's Coventry Stakes.
The PCEP Chairman, Mujahed Abdullah, said the Commission plays a remarkable role in protecting the tenderfoot enterprises which need special support and assistance to properly initiate the starting phase and gradually move them to grow and succeed.
They were raising money to buy shoes for children at the Tenderfoot school in Nairobi.
She liked to design clothing ensembles, as well, the most famous of which was unconventional disguise--a riding habit for which she created a split skirt to make the modest woman look as though she "were riding side saddle on both sides" when she was actually riding "astride" (A Woman Tenderfoot 24).
Experienced wilderness trekkers will shake their heads in disbelief at some of the risks taken and tenderfoot mistakes made such as disregarding predictable dangers or failing to plan for the worst.
After three days of off-screen survival training, this Noah's Ark of tenderfoot explorers is provisioned with equipment, the cameras start to roll.
I'm no tenderfoot, but the news put me into a different state of mind when I was walking the property.
A tenderfoot when it comes to trading horseflesh, I foolishly swapped a nice Remington 1100 shotgun straight across for Whistler, figuring I was going to win a few ropings and earn enough back to replace the Remington.
Her watery eyes drooping, a Palestinian tenderfoot stood atop the rubble from her home which was totally demolished by the Israeli bombing during its 23-day assault on the Gaza Strip.