tender loving care

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considerate and solicitous care


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1 -- color) Shelley Chilton, co-owner, administrator and nurse at Tender Loving Care Home Hospice in Moorpark, holds a patient's hand while Brenda Culver, a registered nurse and case manager, joins in the conversation.
Tender loving care is just what the doctor should have ordered.
The book explains how easy it is, with the right type of soil and tender loving care, to make your own food garden in even the smallest of spaces.
Electric systems also need less maintenance than hydraulic ones, which require "a lot of tender loving care," adds engineer Stephen Jensen.
TENDER Loving Care is a company that certainly lives up to its name.
Mom and dad received excellent medical help and the nurses dealt out tender loving care as if they were caring for their own.
Combined with a little tender loving care, battler Ben is home in time for Christmas.
Special thanks to all the nurses who helped Syd at this sad time and to his close relatives for their tender loving care.
Very reassuring to see so many different charities and organisations represented, all proving that despite the many professional bodies who serve the public it is the 'volunteer' who faithfully provides the tender loving care and uses the many skills of its members to ensure that each group is in the eye of the professionals and general public.
MY wife had a series of very "unfortunate" surgical experience during the last 18 months, in both Abergele and Glan Clwyd hospitals, which I won't go into here, but the after-care in the wards in both hospitals was brilliant - tender loving care "in spades".
Cllr Bill Noble said: "Even if it stops raining, the pitch will be damaged and will need some tender loving care before a match can be played on it.
FAILURE to give cars a little tender loving care is costing British motorists a staggering pounds 2.
With personal knowledge of the environmental responsibilities and demands associated in providing warm understanding, sympathetic and tender loving care, to those in both family and residential homes, I offer to Linda Philips and her staff at Ty Mawr Home For The Elderly, Roath, Cardiff, my sincere congratulations.
The yes-to-nukes/no-to-talks temper tantrum really means that North Korea wants some tender loving care.
Debbie and Darren Wyatt were told by Mr Justice Hedley that pain-wracked daughter Charlotte should die with tender loving care rather than be kept alive to prolong the agony.