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an inclination for or against that inhibits impartial judgment

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an intentional and controversial bias

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The bottom line, then, is that while Hegel arguably fails to ground his own metaphysics and establish its superiority to all possible competitors, and while the descriptions of the development of mindedness that he generates may suffer from tendentiousness and insufficient attention to mechanisms, it is also the case that his developmental-cognitive ethology may be worthy of attention in offering some descriptive illumination of the development of mind-in-nature, regardless of metaphysics, and regardless of whether it either must do so, as Hegel tendentiously argues, or could not possibly do so, as contemporary physicalism tendentiously urges.
In arguing for a tendentiousness in literature that extended far beyond 1848, Schofield uses Freytag as a case study of sorts, highlighting throughout his literary career the presence of "shifting but always highly constructed sociopolitical attitudes" (1)--no small task, considering the major historical events that coincided with his four-decade-long productive period.
The expectancy system makes the body gain certain tendentiousness and sets up a certain background for the body to interpret the information that enters into the conscious perception system.
The fallacy is, of course, a classic case of false neutrality, tendentiousness posing as objectivity.
108) It is hard to prove, not because of its conceptual subtlety or complexity, or even any tendentiousness, but rather because, from the very beginning, as Marcuse notes, (109) authority was itself an ambiguous relation, a combination of domination and freedom, force and persuasion.
The novel, indeed, in my view, suffers from tendentiousness and cannot be claimed as his finest writing (although some critics note the presence of strong passages and powerful moments--which I also find to be true).
Stalinism reinforced the tendentiousness of Marxism and the intolerance of Leninism by applying "socialist realism" to history in a manner that truth mattered little in the struggle to legitimize a regime guilty of horrendous crimes.
In a remarkable example of tendentiousness, Hawkes claims that in Paradise Lost Milton "comes close" to equating Christ with reason thus anticipating the Deism enforced by Robespierre in the French Revolution.
To make, that is, the tendentiousness and limitations of thinking apparent even at the moment of our greatest uncertainty, our deepest crisis.
Cleopatra is a mystery because there are so many gaps and so much tendentiousness in the historical texts.
His rank of Great Italian Writer, or better still the greatest, was based on his shrewdness in giving--as the phrase goes--tit for tat to his readers, in beating them on home ground, that is, tendentiousness.
The vacuity and tendentiousness of so much legal reasoning are concealed by the awesome scrupulousness with which a set of intricate rules governing the form of citations is observed.
Admittedly all times have had important works of tendentious character, although such works are not appreciated for their tendentiousness, but rather for their formal, 'purely artistic' qualities.
In 2007, the National Academy of Scholars (NAS) published The Scandal of Social Work Education, a report contending that social work education had become politicized to the extent that "dogma, tendentiousness, and coerced intellectual conformity were becoming integral to the definition of the field" (NAS, 2007a, p.
Given the high degree of politicization that has defined mortality estimates for the Darfur conflict, it is deeply dismaying to see such disingenuous exclusion and tendentiousness on the part of experienced epidemiologists.