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Synonyms for tendentious

Synonyms for tendentious

having or marked by a strong tendency especially a controversial one


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The dynamic and heartfelt portrayals he's able to elicit from his cast of generally superlative actors contribute a lot in this regard, because they emotionally energize what could otherwise have been some slow or tendentious moments.
Just as humour can have different effects on individuals and groups and can convey meanings that can be offensive, as is the case with tendentious humour (intended to humiliate others) it can take different forms.
However, the whitewash can last for a long time up until we have tendentious reasoning and writing.
Propaganda is the tendentious presentation of facts.
I trust his wisdom," he said, noting that the firm ties among bothers in the GCC countries are unlikely to be affected by tendentious rumors.
Dominic also slammed the media for publishing columns which were tendentious, and choosing the most sensational headlines without thinking about legal balance.
Dear Editor, Newsnight recently carried a tendentious piece about the costs to some areas of the country which will not directly benefit from HS2.
With its tendentious language, several of the questions loaded with unsubtle bias, it is obvious that this exercise seeks support, not opinion.
Then it becomes a tendentious attack on evil corporations that conspire to make us sick and fat by producing irresistibly delicious food.
The governor stressed that al-Obeid "is safe and resistant to rebel movements and the fifth column", adding that "the fifth column uses the internet to spread tendentious rumors".
PRAGUE,(SANA) - The editor-in-chief of the Czech Ac24 website, Andre Garshol, stressed that Syria is exposed to tendentious media campaign, noting that Syria is facing armed terrorist groups which include foreign-backed mercenaries that are carrying out crimes against Syrian people, on the contrary to what foreign media are trying to promote.
All reports about our involvement in the battles are no more than tendentious lies and groundless fabrications," the statement said.
Albania and Kosovo said they would call for an independent investigation against former prosecutor Del Ponte because of her, as they say, tendentious and unlawful role in the trial against Ramush Haradinaj, former leader of UCK.
ambit imbrication aulic meretricious crapulous rubric factitious squamous fuscous tendentious
DAMASCUS - (TAP) - "I am so irritated with this false news which appeared on some Arab and foreign channelsC*It is part of the tendentious misleading propaganda which aims at one thing, that is to undermine Syria's credibility," said Syria's Ambassador to France Lamia Shakkour in a phone call to the Syrian TV.