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Synonyms for tendentious

Synonyms for tendentious

having or marked by a strong tendency especially a controversial one


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This is its tendentially utopian dimension: the impossibility of arriving at the final explanation is the possibility of promise, the openness that always permits of a better version, a better narrative, a truer connection.
In a tendentially similar way, a corresponding gender effect was also apparent for the self-perceptions of oral narrative competencies.
F] > tendentially PREDF Peripheral constituents > BC
At the same time, Beck has been criticized for advancing a tendentially linear model of modernization that is deeply grounded in European experiences and can only insufficiently account for the heterogeneous origins and pathways of modernity in societies around the world (Bhambra 2010; Lee 2011, 2008).
Until this point, I have relied tendentially on Marxism for its critique of an economic domination of nature to make a case for the problems inherent within any sort of distinction between man and nature.
His conception of "historical bloc" is interpreted as "a social and political space relatively unified through the instituting of nodal points and constitution of tendentially relational identities".
The critic questions the authenticity of Campana's illness, proposing that the poet was only tendentially neurotic, and that he constructed a poetic persona by appropriating Nietzsche's intellectual and behavioral philosophy.
I selected on the one hand Sermons, Science and Law for their highly formal quality, and on the other Drama, Fiction and Private Letters for being tendentially less formal and closer to the spoken varieties of English.
The proposed countermeasures by the winning state must respect some fixed principles in Article 22(3): the countermeasures must tendentially pertain to the same trade sector as the principal violation; if that is not practicable or efficient, the countermeasures may pertain to a different trade sector found in the same agreement.
Tendentially, this type of struggle is a feature of every revolutionary process.
In its most expansive sense, this rethinking includes critiques of subjectivity, history, empire, and globalization and constitutes a key element of postmodernism and a defining aspect of our tendentially post-imperialist moment.
Joining nature, set in the world as directly given by God, Gothic style tendentially inflects its forms toward those of the natural world.
Laclan and Mouffe (1993) explain it as a "social and political space relatively unified through the instituting of nodal points and the constitution of tendentially relational identities" (136).
A comparison of normative data reported in the literature with the mean test scores of Meniere's patients and controls showed that depressive symptomatology was only slightly lower than the pathologic threshold, whereas state anxiety was higher than the norm in controls and tendentially higher in all patients (table 2).