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  • verb

Synonyms for tend

be inclined


  • be inclined
  • be likely
  • be liable
  • have a tendency
  • be apt
  • be prone
  • trend
  • lean
  • incline
  • be biased
  • be disposed
  • gravitate
  • have a leaning
  • have an inclination



Synonyms for tend

to have a tendency or inclination

to have the care and supervision of

to prepare (soil) for the planting and raising of crops

Synonyms for tend

have a tendency or disposition to do or be something

have care of or look after

manage or run

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Our partnership with Apical for the first time enables us to provide a reliable, cost-effective cloud camera service which leads the market in terms of camera intelligence," said Herman Yau, co-founder and CEO of Tend.
They tend not to worry about whether their behaviour is ethical
Large employers' needs and sophistication around what they want tend to change every three to five years as the industry creates better alternative solutions," said Humana's Tait.
Like some of the maverick school leaders in Milwaukee, the education rebels tend to become folk heroes of sorts, and they often have rather complicated power relationships with administrators and union leaders.
For income-producing properties, the income capitalization approach tends to be a more thorough and accurate determination of market value and, in fact, well-suited for capturing changes in revenues and expenses resulting from a facade preservation easement donation.
Recent treatment research has established that medication is more effective for treating ADHD symptoms compared to behavioral interventions and individual psychological treatment--though the latter approaches are very effective for the additional problems that tend to occur along with ADHD.
They're the organizational weirdos who tend to take up a lot of your time with their side issues and interpersonal problems.
Smaller ACLs: Because a woman's ACL is smaller, and she tends to have less overall muscular strength to support the knee than male athletes do, a woman's ACL is at a greater risk of tearing because of the load placed on it during sport.
However, rubber compounds tend to have some more complex rheological characteristics which must be taken into account.
Most snap-shot technologies tend to be reasonably efficient in their use of disk space, storing only changes to stored data rather than whole copies of changed files.
For example, MRI brain scans show female brains tend to be better at multitasking.
Older men, especially older caregivers, tend to be more suspicious of government-run services (Kaye, 2002).
But no, you're no cold rainfall,/more a steady sun, a solid plot/that grows when tended, invites me/to tend, then tends me tenderly.
If we were to use a modern tool, such as a spreadsheet, to list and categorize the musical attributes and accomplishments of these musicians, certain characteristics would tend to pop out at us again and again.
This is our church as much as anybody else's, and therefore we tend to stand up for ourselves more, which is not usually appreciated by church authorities.