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  • verb

Synonyms for tend

be inclined


  • be inclined
  • be likely
  • be liable
  • have a tendency
  • be apt
  • be prone
  • trend
  • lean
  • incline
  • be biased
  • be disposed
  • gravitate
  • have a leaning
  • have an inclination



Synonyms for tend

to have a tendency or inclination

to have the care and supervision of

to prepare (soil) for the planting and raising of crops

Synonyms for tend

have a tendency or disposition to do or be something

have care of or look after

manage or run

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They tend to be lacking in empathy and crassly unaware of the distress they can cause others
As mentioned, seed-sowing programs such as these, because they are aligned with and sanctioned by the official school leadership, tend not to produce the kind of rule-breaking James Deans mentioned above.
Because girls and women who suffer from these disorders tend to experience intense feelings of shame and guilt, I suspect they are unlikely to describe their problems to unfamiliar people doing epidemiological research, and that both disorders are more common than researchers think.
b] are almost never equal, given the differences in barrel and screw temperatures and relative surface velocities, and tend to change anyway as the material moves down-channel and internal extruder pressure develops.
Products in this segment tend to be a little slower than those in the staging segment; buying criteria is focused on reducing long-term data storage costs and enabling offsite data migration.
For example, MRI brain scans show female brains tend to be better at multitasking.
First of all, men tend not to visit a physician as often as women throughout adulthood yet they tend to develop more serious life threatening chronic illnesses than their female counterparts, which means many older men are foregoing the benefits of preventative care (Cherry, Burt, & Woodwell, 2003, National Center for Health Statistics, 2002.
This is our church as much as anybody else's, and therefore we tend to stand up for ourselves more, which is not usually appreciated by church authorities.
If we were to use a modern tool, such as a spreadsheet, to list and categorize the musical attributes and accomplishments of these musicians, certain characteristics would tend to pop out at us again and again.
Bucks only tend when the doe is nearly ready to breed and then only if other bucks leave the pair more or less alone.
He said: ``The in: tend programme is open to small to medium businesses in the North West and is designed to improve operational standards and reduce health, safety and environmental impacts.
On one hand, specialties tend to be high margin grades; on the other, they tend to be short run with fussy customers.
As people become less interested in and less focused on another person, they tend to angle their bodies away.
Bullies tend to be confident, impulsive (acting on the spur of the moment), and popular.