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freshwater dace-like game fish of Europe and western Asia noted for ability to survive outside water

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The tench is a warm fish that makes anglers think of summer and is one that signals lily pads, stillness and crystal clear water, but 'tenching' clearly spells a day of exciting sport.
He said the RCB anti-encroachment team also confiscated four truckload goods from Saddar, Bank Road, Kashmir Road, Masrial Road, Tench Bhatta and Chungi No 22.
Government Girls primary school Awra was merged into government girls high school Tench Bhata in 2013 and during this time the school building was in the process of construction.
Mr Tench assumed Bedford was responsible because of previous issues between them.
Pontymister AC member Phil Thomas caught tench to 3lb when he fished his club's stretch of canal at Cross Keys.
Winner Steve Bull (Sensas Chiltern baits) caught 104lb 6oz of small carp, tench and bream on paste at six metres.
The stocking last December of crucians and tench have improved sport and recent catches of perch and roach have kept anglers busy.
In addition I have used a portrait of Watkin Tench as he appeared in later life on the cover of this issue of Margin.
A post-mortem examination showed Private Tench had multiple severe injuries to all body areas, which proved fatal, including the loss of an arm and a leg.
Posted to Iraq last September, Private Tench, a former Hylton Red House School pupil, spent his first Christmas away from home doing the job he had longed for since the age of seven.
Jumping back and forth in time, the book's multiple story lines sometimes weave themselves into tangles or fray off at the ends without resolution, but the corpse-like madman Darius Tench is the common thread that tenuously holds them all together.
THIS is 18-year-old Michael Tench, the 130th British serviceman killed in Iraq.
Dr Paul Tench of Cardiff University's Centre for Language and Communication Research, has been working with minority groups in north-east Nigeria.
TENCH and long summer days by the waterside are poetry in motion when a monster Tinca dives on a tutti-frutti boilie bait.
David Tench had been night manager but had been off suffering from pressure of work and returned asking for a day job.