tenant farmer

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a farmer who works land owned by someone else

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is I could not and will not under any circumstances support a development that forcibly evicts a tenant farmer from his land.
Most often, as is the case in Flintshire and near my home, these are tenant farmers who are thrown off their farms and lose their livelihood so these fat cat companies can make a huge profit.
Same was the case with another tenant farmer Maraboyina Appa Rao ( 30), who fled to Macherla from Rentachintala after money lenders started hounding him.
Alistair Watson, Tenant Farmer at Dyke Head Farm said: "I am delighted to have received two National Trust Fine Farm Produce awards.
PRINCE Charles was last night accused of driving his tenant farmers towards suicide with a pounds 2.
My grandpop wanted to be more than a poor, landless tenant farmer, no better off than his ancestors.
Miserably poor all his life, he was first a farmhand, then a small tenant farmer.
Mr Matheson is a tenant farmer from Llangedwyn, Powys and has been working in the role of TFA Welsh chairman since the summer of 2011.
The tenant farmer said: "There is anger and desperation but we have a fantastic momentum going.
The BBC Countryfile presenter is a second generation tenant farmer with a 650ha arable and livestock enterprise in the Cotswolds.
The site will be monitored and the lifecycle of the insect examined in more detail so the National Trust can work with its tenant farmer to make sure the land is managed in a way that helps the oil beetle flourish.
Last night one tenant farmer, Andy Bradford - waiting to hear when his 80 pregnant cows would be slaughtered - said: "How can he call this business as usual?
FLAMBOYANT multi-millionaire Peter de Savary has abandoned his controversial plan to evict a tenant farmer from his land in order to build a new pounds 4million golf course for his superstar friends.
It's a small, gentle tale about an old mixed-race tenant farmer in South Africa's arid Karoo region.
He was born in 1880 at Corley Hall and was a tenant farmer there.