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Synonyms for tenancy

period of office


Synonyms for tenancy

an act of being a tenant or occupant

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427, 429 (2009) (discussing tenancy in common resulting from failed joint tenancy).
If you have a fixed-term tenancy you do not have the right to surrender the tenancy early and you may have to pay rent until the tenancy agreement ends.
According to the report an average deposit of pounds 1,000 for each tenancy is not secured by a government authorised scheme, equating to pounds 1billion in total.
It means that the tenancy could come to an end after five or 10 years, leaving the whole family without a farm.
Firstly, if you do not provide your tenant with a Tenancy Agreement, however amicable things are between you now, should you wish to end the arrangement for any reason then you will struggle.
Any real property, or any beneficial interest in a land trust, or any interest in real property held in a revocable inter vivos trust or revocable inter vivos trusts created for estate planning purposes, held in tenancy by the entirety shall not be liable to be sold upon judgment entered on or after October 1, 1990 against only one of the tenants, except if the property was transferred into tenancy by the entirety with the sole intent to avoid the payment of debts existing at the time of the transfer beyond the transferor's ability to pay those debts as they become due.
His girlfriend is still in the property and although she did not sign the tenancy agreement she claims she has been contributing to the rent, which is still being paid.
Richard Davis, head of landlord and tenant services at the firm, cites the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme which came into effect earlier this year as a good example of an area where landlords appear to be ignorant of how their obligations to tenants have changed.
Because lenders are accustomed to (and from a servicing perspective, often only equipped to) dealing with a single borrower, it is important that a tenancy in common loan involving multiple borrowers be streamlined.
Furthermore, the partner of the tenant (opposite sex only) has the right to take over the tenancy on the death of the tenant.
While acknowledging the potential of the tenancy, NBC Artistic Director James Kudelka adds a note of caution: "The major boon is that we will be able to grow from sixty-nine to ninety performances, which will give the dancers more onstage opportunities, and the company is excited by that.
Federal law does not require conviction to warrant eviction or termination of tenancy for alleged criminal conduct.
The tenancy by the entirety doctrine is one of the most disputed and confusing issues facing bankruptcy courts.
Question: I have been residing in a rented apartment in the emirate of Dubai and the tenancy and Ejari expired on January 31, 2018.
Early last year, the Dubai Land Department (DLD) issued a new tenancy contract format to standardise the landlord and tenant relationship in accordance with Dubai Law No.