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Synonyms for tenable

Synonyms for tenable

capable of being justified

capable of being defended against armed attack

Synonyms for tenable

based on sound reasoning or evidence


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But, just because a court tenably may evaluate the reasonable officer's perspective, it does not follow that judges should be authorized to do so freely.
A computer just as tenably could be divided into units of folders rather than files, (179) or could be seen as a physical object that "does not contain things," but rather "is one thing:" one hard drive, which, once seized, may be examined freely.
and evidence tenably claimed to have been wrongfully excluded or to have become available only after the trial.
Dionisotti went on to state that the decline suffered by women writers, of the caliber--it is understood--of the ones that flourished earlier, cannot tenably be attributed to the Council, to the Counter Reformation, or to any moralistic repression of women.
legal system cannot itself tenably be relied upon as proof of legislative approval.