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containing ten or ten parts

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He said al-Qassam was ready to return ten-fold fire if Israel launched a land invasion in the Gaza Strip.
He said that in the last decade, GCC and China trade relations have grown ten-fold to $100 billion where it stands today, "and we look forward for another ten-fold in next decade.
Secondly, it gives us access to, and income from, the higher margin renewable energy market, which has the potential to grow ten-fold in the next five years, driven by governmental and societal pressures for the green agenda.
With the help of new technologies developed by the company's antivirus specialists, it will be possible for a four-fold increase in the number of new signatures to combat the ten-fold increase in the number of new malicious programs, Kaspersky Lab said.
In most cases, investors are betting on the market improving within a year or so, when they will be able to raise the rents to a level that will justify the buildings' price ten-fold.
New software and sensors and a more powerful industrial PC are said to increase thickness-measurement speed ten-fold with the latest ultrasonic tubing gauges from On Line Controls Inc.
This will enable computing systems to reduce energy requirements by ten-fold to a hundred-fold in military applications ranging from hand-held computing devices to unmanned air vehicles.
In the next half cen tury, production of spirits in England (we are told much less about distilling in Ireland or Scotland) increased ten-fold to more than seven million gallons, with consumption keeping pace.
Included in those plans is a ten-fold increase in production of the Ford-approved replacement tires, and stepped up shipments to a network of nearly 9,000 outlets, including Goodyear independent dealers, company-owned outlets and Ford dealers.
Once again, my membership dues paid me back ten-fold.
A ten-fold decrease in gel count was observed with Dynamar PPA.
Nortel Networks 10-Gigabit Ethernet Optical Adapter for Servers drives a ten-fold increase in access and data transfer speeds between servers and networks compared to technologies available to end users and businesses today.
Zend Download Server - Scale the number of concurrent file downloads by up to ten-fold for better interactive responsiveness and reduced load
On a typical mobile Internet-connected PDA, applications run dramatically faster (between 10x and 35x), information is updated on-the-fly and battery life is extended up to ten-fold.
ES Research Group (ESR), one of the nation's leading advisory firms on sales effectiveness and sales performance assessment, today reported that its subscriber base during 2006 had increased ten-fold.