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Considering the budget proposals forwarded by the Upper House of the parliament to be incorporated in the finance bill, the finance minister said that now three ad-hoc reliefs including that of 2015-16 would be included in the basic salary and then ten percent raise would be given on the cumulative basic pay.
You are among the top ten percent of adults in our society today.
Indian minister for finance P Chidambaram while presenting the interim budget in the parliament said the defence allocation has been increased by ten percent this fiscal year (2014-2015), adding, allocations of 2.
Qatar Holding had acquired ten percent of the ordinary shares of Porsche SE in August 2009 and participated in the company's capital increase in April 2011 in proportion to its shareholding.
Ten areas, including Kolkata, Asansol, Jamuria, Champdani, Goaltore I and II blocks, Islampur, Titagrh and Kamarhati, have been initially identified as having ten percent Urdu-speaking population.
Supercare should be ten percent catalyzed with CA500 and diluted with water, before being sprayed on with pneumatic or airmix guns in quantities of between 80-130 grams per meter squared, for up to a maximum of two coats.
In the residential sector, green buildings accounted for two percent of new construction in 2005 and are expected to account for between five and ten percent by 2010.
Partridge's The Character Clock is very strongly recommended for all concerned parents searching for an informative explanation of their child's progressive mentality and psychological state as teenage life approaches and puberty affects behavior with destructive results for almost ten percent of children.
Ten percent of proceeds are donated to charity (www.
In July, the SAFETEA Bill passed, authorizing $600 million nationally for Safe Routes to Schools projects Ten percent to 30 percent of funds can be allocated to planning and program development, and the balance covers construction and engineering costs.
For example, the cities aim to reach a ten percent renewable energy load by 2012, reduce the percentage of single occupancy vehicles by ten percent by 2012, and achieve zero waste by 2040.
Ten percent cited "managerial awareness" or lack thereof as being their worst experience:
While these migrants worked in agriculture and on the railroads, ten percent of their income was withheld by the U.
A federal prisoner filed a petition for habeas corpus relief alleging that the federal Bureau of Prison's new regulation, which would delay his release to a halfway house until only ten percent of his sentence remained, violated the notice and comment provisions of the Administrative Procedures Act (APA).
worth of armaments, ten percent of the world's trade in weapons.