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  • noun

Synonyms for temptress

a usually unscrupulous woman who seduces or exploits men

Synonyms for temptress

a woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive

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In Japan he studied woodcarving and polychromy (coloring the surfaces--literally, "many colors"), a technique he used on The King's Temptress.
Tasso, like Dante, Ariosto, and Trissino, embodies the dangers of his own poetry in a female temptress.
But 20th-century artists aren't the first to be misled into using the image of Mary Magdalene as temptress.
CONTACT: Temptress Voyages, 1600 NW LeJeune Road, Suite 301, Miami, FL 33126/(800)336-8423.
Assisted by his temptress daughter (Myrna Loy), Manchu seeks the sword and mask of Genghis Khan and their magical powers.
The video is set in the 1920s and stars Brook as a temptress for the video to accompany the track which is out on October 13 and will make its radio debut later today.
For good measure Tyrur Temptress, the dam of Big Mike and Mcguigan, is one of the nominations for the Brood Bitch award.
Now he has an excuse to hire another temptress of the typing pool.
Last night, the temptress at the centre of the scandal told the Sunday Mercury: "I don't want to discuss it.
Few men have jumped from the Old Testament and into legend quite like Samson, that Biblical strongman felled by a treacherous temptress, that larger-than-life showman whose final performance brought down the house.
The actress, who played temptress Izzy Hoyland, will jet over to Britain with her band Rogue Traders, who have wowed crowds Down Under.
There's just something about playwright Oscar Wilde, lusty old King Herod and the titular temptress with those seven veils that's enough to keep a troupe of actors going for, well, pretty much perpetuity.
Despite her professing her heterosexuality, I explained that we were straight-friendly on Merseyside, so ladies look out on the town for a new mature flame-haired temptress, dressed in black.
SCREEN goddess Marilyn Monroe had a lesbian affair with another Hollywood temptress, Joan Crawford, according to tapes made by her former psychiatrist Dr Ralph Greenson.
Silva played scheming temptress Kelly Windsor in the soap from 1993-2000 but quit to pursue other projects.