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Synonyms for temptress

a usually unscrupulous woman who seduces or exploits men

Synonyms for temptress

a woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive

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Winner of her first two starts, Capla Temptress was third in the Group 3 Sweet Solera at Newmarket last time out, and she was settled towards the rear of the field by Joel Rosario on Sunday.
There is plenty more where that came from and Temptress is fancied to defy a 7lb rise in the weights.
She plays a temptress in her next film, Jackpot , which also stars Naseeruddin Shah
She sang and danced her way across screens in Mamma Mia, got to grips with geek chic in Jennifer's Body, but in Chloe, Amanda Seyfried turns temptress.
On the same side, we have also had 19th-century religious zealots who lobbied against knocking out expectant moms in labor because women must bear the pain of Eve, that wanton temptress in the Garden of Eden -- the plight of women was to feel that agony, so no cheating allowed
The temptress seduces peasant soldier Don Jose and he joins her band of smugglers.
Reading about the sexploits of temptress Atia and her winsome daughter Octavia would have encouraged quite a few teenage boys to keep the subject up that little bit longer.
As the Belly Dancer, Wender is both entertainer and private fantasy, a shameless temptress and a kind of sexual meditation.
And there was Dr Gwyn Prosser (Eryl Huw Phillips) who left Pobol under a dark cloud, accused of raping Pobol temptress Lisa.
Hong Kong is being terrorized by the Temptress, a jewel thief able to masquerade as any high-ranking citizen, male or female.
Clark's laminated mahogany sculpture, titled The King's Temptress, differs from the stone relief carvings on the walls of Angkor Wat in that it is fully three-dimensional.
Still, lotsa reviews (music, film and shows) and it's saved by an interview with B-Movie temptress Julie Strain--and one of the dudes in Wolfpac has a Thrasher t-shirt on.
This convergence of Erminia, captive pagan woman, and Armida, conquered pagan temptress, makes perfect sense in light of writings by Jerome and Boccaccio which make reference to the captive woman of Deuteronomy 21.
In the West, however, the image of Mary Magdalene as sensual temptress is deeply entrenched.
The other major role of the Asian American woman in the media is that of the evil temptress or what is called the Dragon Lady.