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Synonyms for temporizer

someone who temporizes


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And while the temporizer might be deemed as such for residing in generalities, those struggling with despair could count being human (and English) as strong proof of a faith they could not feel but nonetheless possessed.
Also useful are ice--"a great temporizer of the pain"--and sleep, he said.
It might eventually produce a loss of self-respect, as the fantasist came to see himself as a temporizer or, worse, as one of the faceless They who gather at any act of official cruelty.
In effect, she takes on the role of go-between and reasonable temporizer, the pleader for causes seemingly other than her own, a role that is the basis of her domestic power.
Some, like the historian Glyndon Van Deusen, say this was the mark of a "cautious, conservative temporizer.
Dewey, on the other hand, was a temporizer, ever ready to compromise and conciliate.