temporary injunction

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injunction issued during a trial to maintain the status quo or preserve the subject matter of the litigation until the trial is over

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The temporary injunction does not address product shipped prior to its issuance.
According to the statement, the court granted a temporary injunction that legally banned DALEcEV, the winner of a controversial tender to privatize the beach facilities that some suspect was improperly awarded and would close public access to the beach, from entering yztuzu Beach.
980(b)(1), Order Setting Hearing on Petition for Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence, Repeat Violence, Dating Violence, or Sexual Violence Without Issuance of an Interim Temporary Injunction.
On 18 May 2010, a US District Court threw out an application for a temporary injunction against RapidShare AG.
Colorado's Amendment 41, considered the toughest ethics law in the nation, suffered a serious setback in June when a district court judge issued a temporary injunction halting its enforcement.
The court has already placed a temporary injunction on eBay, which means that it cannot list illegal electronic copies of Rowling's books.
Marrero granted NWA's request for a temporary injunction on Aug.
Boston judge Allan van Gestel granted Belkin's request for a temporary injunction on Tuesday, saying that a contract signed last year by all the owners prevents other members of the group from voting Belkin out.
On December 7, a circuit court judge denied a motion filed by the Florida Hospital Association (FHA) and individual hospitals for a temporary injunction to block the measure, finding that the hospitals presented no justiciable case or controversy.
Family Division judge Mr Justice Hedley lifted a temporary injunction banning the trip, and left it to the police to decide what action to take under the criminal law.
Yesterday lawyers for the Smithy Fen travellers, who are in breach of planning enforcement notices, were granted the continuation of a temporary injunction to prevent any action being taken against them pending their legal challenge.
Moore and Chaz Gregory Jones, agreed to the temporary injunction.
The airline claims that the regulators sought unfair conditions for El Al Israel Airlines, and petitioned the Supreme Court, which has now issued a temporary injunction against any capacity cuts, reported Reuters.
In order to ensure statewide uniformity and recognition by law enforcement, all courts are required to use the Supreme Court's temporary injunction and final judgment of injunction forms.
The judge issued a temporary injunction against a Colorado law that requires public school students and their teachers to recite the pledge, first adopted in 1892, according to a Fox News story.
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