temporary injunction

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injunction issued during a trial to maintain the status quo or preserve the subject matter of the litigation until the trial is over

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On May 19, 2007, Templeton filed a supplemental request with the court indicating that they believed a transaction involving Taro was imminent, and seeking a temporary injunction to prevent the Company from entering into any transaction that might result in oppression of minority shareholders.
Mr Justice O'Donovan granted a temporary injunction effective until next Monday stopping Mr Savage from taking any action in respect of 2/3 Strawberry Hill House so as to reduce or dispose of it.
Zimmerman requests damages and other relief and has also requested a temporary injunction against the defendants to prevent them from seeking to enforce the non-competition provisions in his employment agreement.
Last week, a judge issued a temporary injunction banning the LAPD from indiscriminate parolee sweeps until the hearing next week.
The Company believes that the court's granting of the injunction was not in accordance with applicable case law and is considering its response to the temporary injunction, including possible appeal.
Thousand Oaks won a temporary injunction in April on the grounds that Verizon had violated its franchise agreement by not giving sufficient notice of the sale, forcing Adelphia to maintain the same service levels and prices offered by Verizon.
Sir Elton's lawyers were granted a temporary injunction at London's High Court halting our investigation until 2pm today.
22, 2006, and is subject to several conditions, including concurrent closing of the Rio Vista Restated PSA, the assignment of LPG-related contracts, the consent of RZB Finance LLC and the modification satisfactory to TransMontaigne of a temporary injunction issued on June 13, 2006, against one of Rio Vista's subsidiaries.
A temporary injunction overturned the ruling, but the NCAA challenged the restraining order.
The proposed LPG asset sale may not be completed if any of the conditions to closing, including the modification of a temporary injunction issued against one of Rio Vista's subsidiaries, are not satisfied or if various governmental and third-party approvals are not obtained.
District Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit granted the Federal Trade Commission's request for a temporary injunction pending an expedited appeal of a lower court decision denying any delay.
Roger Earl, the original founding drummer of the rock band FOGHAT, has secured a temporary injunction preventing Artists International Management, Inc.
The judge issued his ruling after the ACLU asked for a temporary injunction to prevent the city and police from implementing their plan for a buffer zone to keep protesters 260 yards away.
The specific remedies under the temporary injunction in Texas are consistent with our ongoing business practices, and iMergent will continue conducting business domestically and internationally using improved documentation and disclosure within our business model that has historically brought the company successful results," added Korn.
The judge issued a temporary injunction Thursday, ordering the store locked until a Jan.
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