temporary expedient

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an unplanned expedient

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Other European governments view the measure as a temporary expedient to cope with the market.
The important question will be whether the choices are a temporary expedient, hoping their old job will come back, or if a new career might be a better choice.
Although banks are thought to have borrowed more than pounds 50 billion through the SLS since it was set up as a temporary expedient in April, some have been reluctant to use it for fear of giving the impression that they are in trouble.
These perpetrators use violence as a temporary expedient.
This programme was originally intended as a temporary expedient to increase customer transactions while the stores were being reformatted.
Harris, orlistat is a temporary expedient that facilitates sustainable lifestyle modifications.
When that started I thought it might be needed as a temporary expedient.
Donnelly's book is an engaging portrait of an institution that was, after all, a temporary expedient.
They point out that the international mechanism in Macedonia is a temporary expedient, to help the country during its time of crisis.
It has been considered a stopgap measure, a temporary expedient for host defense, buying time until acquired immunity took over," he remarked.
Burgess returned the favor in a blast at "Anglophiles" who criticized the check and balance principle as "the temporary expedient of crude political society" and who urged us to "retrace our steps .
Far from building on the idea that African people should govern themselves, Walker proposed separate black organizations as a temporary expedient.
Much of modern physics is based on the assumption that one can run quantum mechanics against a backdrop of relativistic space-time; opinions differ sharply on whether this is a temporary expedient or the shape that physics must always take.
These are often used in isolated areas for small developments as a temporary expedient.
For many married mothers, staying at home may be a relatively temporary expedient intended only to meet a pressing family need.
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