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In another finding, a video of Fred Thompson promoted activity in the superior temporal sulcus and the inferior frontal cortex, "both areas involved in empathy," the researchers reported.
The subjects experienced a greater degree of activation in a region of the brain called the posterior superior temporal sulcus when they watched the computer play the game than when they acted themselves.
Part of it seems to be concentrated in the ventromedial and orbital frontal cortex, the parts of the brain that kind of sit above the eyeballs, as well as the superior temporal sulcus farther back.
The article, called Configural Processing of Biological Motion in Human Superior Temporal Sulcus, presents research identifying which areas of the brain are active when human body motion is observed.
Brain scans of the fragile X patients showed decreased activity in the superior temporal sulcus (STS) region of the brain in response to stimuli.
The superior temporal sulcus, a speech-processing area, runs parallel and just below the sylvian fissure in the temporal lobe.
The results showed "increased sensitivity to approach than to avoidance behaviour in amygdala and superior temporal sulcus, which were linked to a positive evaluation of approach behaviour and a positive impact of handshake.