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the semantic role of the noun phrase that designates the time of the state or action denoted by the verb

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Months} represents that user's role request sequence is combined as temporal role [r.
In the worst case, system will generate a corresponding temporal role or middle role every time when users request a role array.
Though there are additional two temporal role spaces and two static role spaces created, after a long time, the role spaces will converge on a stead size because less and less new roles need to be created.
The mechanism of creating temporal roles and middle roles dynamically in DRBAC model makes that other atom roles will not be assigned to user agent, therefore this model can meet "the principle of least privilege" well.
In figure 4, the roles encircled by dotted lines are temporal roles.
Common method bias is more of a concern for the relations between the self-report criterion meas ures and the motive to join and temporal role conflict scales.
Temporal Role Conflicts (all items rated on 5 point Likert scale with anchors of 1 = "Disagree Strongly" to 5 = "Agree Strongly")
The next two chapters, "Spatial and temporal senses" and "Figurative senses: semantic erosion", analyse the semantic domains of all prepositional phrases headed by the twelve prepositions involved in the study, chapter five looking at the spatial and temporal roles and chapter six dealing with the figurative--"eroded" ones.
Analysts and supporters have described the decision of the Dalai Lama, whose office traditionally combines spiritual and temporal roles, as "historic".
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