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It follows from this deduction of the systematic natural theology of the KCA that every being and every phenomenon in the temporal order is only a perspective of its eternal perfect reality which is in the necessary order.
These characteristics are extremely important, both because of their imaginal or "mind-like" quality and ability to produce in our minds the logical temporal order of our experiences in spacetime.
Because this temporal order is forever renewed, there is no temporal end to the conversion process.
I begin with the former possibility, according to which the temporal order of the subject's perceptions necessarily reflects the objective order of things.
The first version, clarifying the causal structure and the temporal order of the events, had a significant effect in the delayed recall of the subjects.
In this line of research, the idea of coordination referred to descriptions of events with Before cues and how these descriptions coordinate with the temporal order in which the events occur (e.
Finally, we assessed the effects of language modality on temporal order encoding to determine if the extent to which student interpreters rely upon temporal encoding differs between signed (i.
Maria del Mar Asensio Arostegui argues that the voice-over narration of Another Woman's protagonist, Marion Post, "generates ambiguity and irony by spreading inconsistent and incomplete clues all through the film, by transforming the process of narration itself into a source of suspense and emotion, by consistently breaking the coherent temporal order of the events, and by constantly questioning and blurring the limits between different ontological levels [that is, different sorts of reality--the distinction between fiction, reality, and dream, for example]" (257) in her interesting piece, "Hlenka Regained: Irony and Ambiguity in the Narrator of Woody Allen's Another Woman.
A neuropsychological study (Henson, 2000) indicates that left dorsolateral premotor cortex is responsible in the maintenance of temporal order.
He then shows how different methods are applied for generating the data that is used to pin down the temporal order and development of the proposed preconditions.
For example, whereas the council called merely for renewing the temporal order, the bishops at Medellin spoke of transforming deficient and sinful social structures within that order, which in large part had brought about "institutionalized violence.
The participants performed a temporal order judgment (TOJ) task, and the principal idea was that the resources of attention should be more concentrated inside the frame, spreading along the whole frame, than outside it.
The notion of chronotypes is here used as a cover term for different types of time and temporal order.
There must also be, therefore, punishments and rewards, but these will have to be meted out beyond the temporal order, if anywhere, since they are certainly not unfailingly available in our society, even in its courts.
When we turn our focus on the temporal adverbs after and while, an interesting mental space is revealed: the adverbials after and while help us create mental space simulations for the events being described; while suggests simultaneous actions, and after simulates actions in a particular temporal order (de Vega et al.