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Similar studies have confirmed this ISI value, suggesting that there may be a process underlying temporal order when responding to audio, visual, and tactile stimulus relations that are independent of the presented stimuli (e.
The temporal order of the recalled items was scored by awarding one point for each response that consisted of a consecutive pair of recalled items from the target list (i.
The notion of chronotypes is here used as a cover term for different types of time and temporal order.
There must also be, therefore, punishments and rewards, but these will have to be meted out beyond the temporal order, if anywhere, since they are certainly not unfailingly available in our society, even in its courts.
When we turn our focus on the temporal adverbs after and while, an interesting mental space is revealed: the adverbials after and while help us create mental space simulations for the events being described; while suggests simultaneous actions, and after simulates actions in a particular temporal order (de Vega et al.
It's hard to make sense about much of anything without slipping in words that allude to a temporal order.
Future edges (dotted arrows): introduce a temporal order of two nodes, without necesarily having a quality or relation instance connecting them.
For instance, while communication that contains both temporal order and plot is correctly classified as a "full-fledged" narrative, communication that contains just temporality is, in fact, more narrative than communication without temporal or causal order.
Cases to which the government is a party and cases necessitating temporal order or summary proceedings will be exempted.
In order to improve vehicle capacity utilization, it was decided to explore the attractiveness of implementing two projects: temporal order consolidation and a collaboration effort to use backhaul capacity after serving the RDCs.
Chapters organized in approximate temporal order cover the pre-Cambrian to the present era, including offshore and economic geological issues.
Part of the burden of establishing temporal order for the body .
Specific topics include the body as a medium of memory, body memories and gender, temporal order formation in semantic memory, narrative and dementia, Perec's commentary on Lieux, historic time and geography, mnemonic practice, remembrance in cinema, music in prose, losing track of time in pursuing Oppenheimer, an ontological dilemma, redress, African-American identity, the return of memories to the visual field, family memory and gratitude and meetings as sites of organizational memory.
Moreover, plant life itself has many levels not caused by temporal evolution but by the descent of archetypes into the temporal order as is also true of animals.
Their focus is less on the temporal order of the sacraments than with the theology of the sacrament and the gift it can be both to the Confirmation candidate and the parish as a whole.