temporal lobe epilepsy

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epilepsy characterized clinically by impairment of consciousness and amnesia for the episode

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indicated that thalamus drives mesial temporal lobe before the seizure termination in human mesial temporal lobe seizures [56].
Although the most common arrhythmia seen in these patients is sinus tachycardia, at least 5%-10% of patients with temporal lobe seizures develop slowing of their heart rate, some to the level of bradycardia and even asystole (Koseoglu et al.
According to the company, the subject patent claims cover CBDV, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid extracted from the cannabis plant, for use in the treatment of patients with epilepsy and specifically for the control of generalised or temporal lobe seizures.
Status epilepticus is often followed by a period of seizure-free recovery before people start to experience recurring temporal lobe seizures.
Once I was in the medical system they figured out they were right temporal lobe seizures, and they were getting worse.
Research has shown that problems with vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, changes in sexual desire, and difficulties reaching an orgasm may be seen more often in females with temporal lobe seizures.
Temporal lobe seizures can present with waves of anxiety and depersonalization.