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a worker (especially in an office) hired on a temporary basis

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For Pamela Wolf temping provided the perfect way to reintroduce herself to the job market after a break to look after her family.
I thoroughly enjoy temping as the work is varied and extremely flexible.
The explosion of temping and the shifting of employment relationships away from traditional jobs poses what may be organized labor's greatest challenge and opportunity since World War II: organizing the swelling ranks of temps, day laborers, contract and leased workers whose perpetual job insecurity forms the porous foundation of today's supposedly stellar economy.
We see the need for a multipronged strategy because with the rise of temping and a real restructuring of the labor market, there is absolutely no one fix," explains Tim Costello, director of the Boston-based Campaign on Contingent Work, an alliance member group.
Some entry level people use temping as a way to sound out employment options.
Hoping that temping will lead to a permanent position, he has signed up with two agencies--Tatum CFO and Robert Half International--but has not yet received assignments.
But, like Parker, Professor Rogers is also skeptical of the promise of full-time employment through temping.
The most aggressive and most often quoted numbers are from "The Temping of America," a six-page article that appeared in the March 29, 1993, issue of Time.
This relatively new industry is booming and workers need to know how to navigate the temporary employment system to take advantage of the benefits and lifestyle temping can offer.
Fears are growing among British companies that a proposed EU law could cause 'irreparable damage' to the UK temping market - triggering a huge cut in job opportunities, industry experts warn.
It may be that the geographically homogenous sample combined with the economic conditions at the time of the interviews skewed the results of the research toward people who were temping strictly for economic reasons rather than for personal ones.
Hoy, who works for Accountemps, a staffing service that places financial specialists, is one of a growing number of professionals opting for the temping life.
If you're a student, trying to reenter the workforce, between jobs or seeking diverse work environments, then temping may be for you.