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Synonyms for tempestuousness

a state of wild storminess

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a state of agitation or turbulent change or development

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By the strange happiness that took hold of his heart, he understood how much he had missed the wind of the North, the blowing snow, the tempestuousness of the storm and of nature.
Casual swipes of thickly applied paint, bright splotches, and spreading patches of color that occasionally allow a glimpse of bare canvas: Nina Kluth develops her paintings with a tempestuousness and roughness that is, in the end, carefully calibrated.
Capturing the subtlety or tempestuousness of natural light should be difficult in such a disciplined technique, but Phillips masters it, whether in the wild clouds and weather of Rain Over Cym Llwch or in gentle light breaking through clouds and hitting the sea in Ramsey Sound.
The character of Ellenore, he points out (349-55), is based on three separate sources (Mme de Stael for the tempestuousness, Anna Lindsay for the demand of total love, Charlotte de Hardenberg for victimhood), as well as containing strictly imaginary elements in addition (her age, her death).
Some of Eliot's famous tempestuousness may have reared its head as things dragged on.
It seems his tempestuousness is never far below the surface ready to erupt against an opponent's shins.
Poole's chapter on the theatre, which begins the volume, is a useful and adequate survey of the century, considering in turn the 'popular' Shakespeare of the illegitimate theatres, the prevalence in the repertoire of certain plays over others, the rise of spectacular theatre, the role of women with varying degrees of artistic and managerial autonomy, and the shifting notions of acting and character as the personal and histrionic tempestuousness of Kean yielded to the 'self-control' of Macready and, Poole argues, Irving.
Morgan acquitted herself with acclaim and Wheeldon then cast her in the lead of Carousel (A Dance), to which she brought youthful tempestuousness.
The seven-year-old illustrated his tempestuousness at Southwell earlier this month when he hung badly left before sticking on for fourth behindWest End Lad.
Combine what Wright knows about the human heart - which appears to be plenty - with director Elina de Santos' skill for depicting the tempestuousness of love, and the results are marvelous.