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Synonyms for tempest

Synonyms for tempest

a violent commotion or disturbance

(literary) a violent wind

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Again, those perils avoided, the force of the tempest might hurl us to the ground, were we to cast our anchor in the tree-tops.
We can only assume that she decided to fly before the morning meal and was caught in the clutches of the tempest.
The grey air shivered, a moan ran about the rocks and died away, then an icy breath burst from the lips of the tempest and rushed across the earth.
Then I turned to look; through the rush of the tempest and the reek of the rain, still I could see her sweeping forward high in air.
An overhanging rock offered him a temporary shelter, and scarcely had he availed himself of it when the tempest burst forth in all its fury.
Dantes ran down the rocks at the risk of being himself dashed to pieces; he listened, he groped about, but he heard and saw nothing -- the cries had ceased, and the tempest continued to rage.
Following an initial meeting, we were impressed by Tempests staff, products and philosophy.
Hutner demonstrates how the Restoration Tempests attest to the need for a reassessment of the relation between "European expansionism" (22), Restoration political ideologies, and the impact of colonialism on late seventeenth-century cultural constructions of gender, race, and class.
The grafting of minimalist Macbeth on to a chapter about three postmodern Tempests struck me as incongruous enough.