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Synonyms for tempering

hardening something by heat treatment


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moderating by making more temperate

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At least six officers of BPS-17, as alleged by the state minister for science and technology Mir Dostain Khan Domki, were appointed through tempering record of their written test in which they had not secured the required numbers.
Justice Mohsin Akhter Kiyani of IHC heard the case filed by Hijazi seeking quashing of case regarding Chaudhry Sugar Mills record tempering.
stiffness or tensile strength) of the single components were analyzed via tensile tests in order to quantify the influence of tempering.
Bake Hardening must be able to glass tempering and the latest low-emission
3] phase during austenization, whereas the phase constituents are slightly changed after tempering.
The aim of this paper is to investigate how this global and local inhomogeneity of the tempering stress field may influence the measurement results.
Innovative Heat and Control / AMTek technology makes microwave tempering efficient, reliable and safe.
Altogether, the rubber injection molding machine MTF1500/280ergo, control PC-5000touch, tempering channel, mold, demolding kit and [cure.
The tempering process involved packing the dried grains into sealed containers and holding them for equal amounts of time until the moisture was equilibrated.
This process, known as marquenching, or martempering, also may require a subsequent tempering operation.
Also, the tempering temperature given (475 degrees) is somewhat on the low side, and will reset in a tool that is harder but more brittle than is desirable for an axe or hatchet.
Grit tempering was used exclusively in the manufacture of each vessel represented.
Instead of tempering current risk assessment, Ward and Bennett call for further studies into child abuse, the education of professionals involved with children and youth, and a re-evaluation of interventions of the child welfare system.
As Costa explains it, one of the problems associated with attaching these terminals to the glass is that there is the possibility that the safety tempering process can be negated by localized annealing which can occur when the glass is heated via common methods such as resistance soldering or using an acetylene gas flame.
Hypotheses relating the observed variation in sherd thickness, tempering practices, and vessel type diversity are proposed.