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Synonyms for tempering

hardening something by heat treatment


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moderating by making more temperate

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In addition those using Kunda, or involved in tempering of meters would invite fine of ten lakh rupees, or one year sentence, or both.
An in-line sensor capable of measuring the SFC in the chocolate melt would allow automated control of the tempering process and would be of great value to manufacturers.
The aim of this paper is to investigate how this global and local inhomogeneity of the tempering stress field may influence the measurement results.
ISLAMABAD, June 08, 2010 (Frontier Star): Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry had remarked that it was a criminal negligence to bring change in documents like objective resolution adding Zia ul Haq tempered the constitution in 1985 through RPO and the sitting parliament had done a good job by undoing this tempering.
Uniform application of microwaves quickly, accurately and safely temper frozen foods using the Heat and Control / AMTek microwave tempering system.
For lifting the compound to the fight temperature level, the company's FIFO (first in, first out) rubber injection unit is used, together with a tempering channel.
The researchers chose tempering because it is a common processing step used in the production of cereals sourced from grain, and it is associated with starch retrogradation.
This process, known as marquenching, or martempering, also may require a subsequent tempering operation.
Grit tempering was used exclusively in the manufacture of each vessel represented.
Instead of tempering current risk assessment, Ward and Bennett call for further studies into child abuse, the education of professionals involved with children and youth, and a re-evaluation of interventions of the child welfare system.
As Costa explains it, one of the problems associated with attaching these terminals to the glass is that there is the possibility that the safety tempering process can be negated by localized annealing which can occur when the glass is heated via common methods such as resistance soldering or using an acetylene gas flame.
In particular, these researchers are working on models to improve the tempering process used to make shells for filled chocolates, such as those in boxes of assorted candies.
Cryocon Inc has announced that Thiokol, a division of Cordant Technologies Inc agreed to use the Company's proprietary Deep Cryogenic Tempering process to increase wear-resistance and durability in parts.
Deep Cryogenic Tempering is a computer-controlled tempering process that improves the wear and performance characteristics of metals, alloys, and synthetic materials.
Gregory Gonzales, a riveting Revivalist, was sharply impressive, tempering bursts of hell and brimstone with measuredly grave humanity.